Vol. 34 No. 3 July, 1995




Phospholipase C Signalling
pp 141-148


M.R. Smith, Y.L. Liu, S.G. Rhee and H.F. Kung

The Enzymology of Phosphorylase Phosphatase (Protein Phosphatase-1) - A Personal Perspective
pp 149-163


E.Y.C. Lee


Tissue-specific Isozymes in Fishes of the Subfamily Sparinae (Perciformes: Sparidae) from the Coastal Waters of Taiwan
pp 164-169


C.T. Jean, S.C. Lee, C.F. Hui and C.T. Chen

Expression of Homeobox-containing Genes in Common Carp Cyprinus carpio L.
pp 170-176


J.G. Cheng, C.F. Liao, Y.L. Hsu and J.L. Wu

Allozyme Variation in the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas along the Coast of Taiwan
pp 177-182


L.L. Liu, K. Soong and C.P. Chen

Diurnal Cycling in Vertical Distribution of Ichthyoplankton at a Fixed Station off Northwestern Taiwan
pp 183-192


T.S. Chiu and K.Z. Chang

Reproduction and Diet of the Brown Frog Rana longicrus in Taiwan
pp 193-201


Y.C. Kam, C.S. Wang and
Y.S. Lin


A New Species of Freshwater Goby Schismatogobius ampluvinculus (Pisces: Gobiidae) from Southeastern Taiwan
pp 202-205


l.S, Chen, K.T. Shao and L.S. Fang

Stomach Contents of Dolphins (Delphinus delphis and Lissodelphis borealis) from North Pacific Ocean
pp 206-210


L.S. Chou, A.M. Bright and S.Y. Yeh

Chemical Constituents of the Defensive Secretions of the Metasternal Gland of the Stink Bug, Helopeltis fasciaticollis Poppius (Hemiptera: Miridae) in Taiwan
pp 211-214


H.Y. Ho, R.S. Tsai and Y.S. Chow