Vol. 34 No. 4 October, 1995




Transgen ic Fish: Ideal Models for Basic Research and Biotechnological
pp 215-234


T.T. Chen, J.K. Lu, 'M.J. Shamblott, C.M. Cheng, C.M. Lin, J.C. Burns, R. Reimschuessel, N. Chatakondi and R.A. Dunham


Comparison of the Effects on Respiration and Accumulation in Tissue of Copper in the Hard Clam Meretrix lusoria
pp 235-240


I.M. Chen

New Records of Calcinus Hermit Crabs (Decapoda: Anomura : Diogenidae) from Taiwan
pp 241-247


H.T. Shih and H.P. Yu

The Development of the Catecholaminergic Nervous System in Starfish and Sea Cucumber Larvae
pp 248-256


C.P. Chen, C.H. Tseng and
B.Y. Chen

Feed Administration of Estradiol-17B Stimulates Female Differentiation in Juvenile Grey Mullet Mugil cephalus
pp 257-264


C.F. Chang, S.C. Lan and B.S. Pan

The Effects of Eyestalk Ablation on Oxygen Consumption and Ammonia-N Excretion of .Juvenile Shrimp Penaeus monodon
pp 265-269


F.H. Nan, S.S. Sheen, Y.T. Cheng 'and S.N. Chen

Variation in Mitochondrial DNA and Phylogenetic Relationships of Fishes of the Subfamily Sparinae (Perciformes: Sparidae) in the Coastal Waters of Taiwan
pp 270-280


C.T. Jean, C.F. Hui, S.C. Lee and C.T. Chen


Heat Shock Protein Expressed by the Adult Fluke, Clonorchis sinensis in Vitro
pp 281-283


J.W. Shin, C.Y. Chen and S.N. Chen

New-Hecords of the Commensal Gobiid Genus, Bryaninops (Pisces: Gobiidae), from Southern Taiwan
pp 284-286


I.S. Chen, C.C. Han and L.S. Fang


Author Index to Volume 34
pp 287-288



Subject Index to Volume 34
pp 289-292