Vol. 36 No. 1 January, 1997




Efflux Mechanisms of Resistance to Cadmium, Arsenic and Antimony in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
pp 1-16


K.J. Tsai, C.M. Hsu and B.P. Rosen


Annual Reproductive Cycle of the Formosan Wood Mouse, Apodemus semotus
pp 17-25


B.M. Huang, L.K. Lin and P.S. Alexander

Sympatric Spawning of the Damselfishes Chromis fumea and Pomacentrus coelestis on the Northern Coast of Taiwan
pp 26-32


R.Q. Jan

Variations of Reproductive Traits of 2 Semi-terrestrial Isopods, Ligia exotica and L. taiwanensis (Crustacea: Ligiidae), in Southern Taiwan
pp 33-41


M.L. Tsai and H.C. Chen

Re-evaluation of the Status of Chodsigoa sodalis Thomas, 1913 (Mammalia: Insectivora: Soricidae)
pp 42-47


M. Motokawa, H.T. Yu, Y.P. Fang, H.C. Cheng, L.K. Lin and M. Harada

Molecular Cloning and Nucleotide Sequences of the Perina nuda Nucleopolyhedrovirus (PenuNPV) p10 Gene
pp 48-57


C.M. Chou, C.J. Huang, C.F. Lo, G.H. Kou and C.H. Wang

Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Two Alcyonaceans, Sinularia flexibilis and S. capillosa
pp 58-63


M.C. Lin and C.F. Dai


Effects of Salmon Calcitonin and Bovine Parathormone on the Levels of Serum Calcium and Inorganic Phosphorous, and the Histology of the Parathyroid Gland in the Snake, Acrochordus granulatus (Schneider)
pp 64-69


A.P. Warbhuwan and A.S. Padgaonkar

Karyological Study of the Gray Shrew Crocidura attenuata (Mammalia: Insectivora) from Taiwan
pp 70-73


M. Motokawa, M. Harada, L.K. Lin, K. Koyasu and S. Hattori

Efficient Methods for Isolating Mitochondrial DNA from Fresh or Fixed Molluscan Specimens
pp 74-78


L. Jiang, W.L. Wu and Y.S. Lin