Vol. 36 No. 3 July, 1997



Genomic Structure and Promoter Region of c-fos Gene of Round-spotted Pufferfish, Tetraodon nigroviridis (Syn. T. fluviatilis)
pp 159-169


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Genetic Evidence to Clarify the Systematic Status of the Genera Zacco and Candidia (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae)
pp 170-177


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Movement of Fish Larvae with Tidal Flux in the Tanshui River Estuary, Northern Taiwan
pp 178-185


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Growth and Development of Oophagous Tadpoles in Relation to Brood Care of an Arboreal Breeder, Chirixalus eiffingeri (Rhacophoridae)
pp 186-193


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Budding Cycle and Bud Morphology of the Globe-shaped Sponge Cinachyra australiensis
pp 194-200


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Geographical Variations of Rana sauteri (Anura: Ranidae) in Taiwan
pp 201-221


W.H. Chou and J.Y. Lin

Description of a New Species, Rana multidenticulata (Anura: Ranidae), from Taiwan
pp 222-229


W.H. Chou and J.Y. Lin

LH-Immunoreactivity and Ultrastructural Changes in the Pituitary Gland of Post-castrated Rats: Quantitative and Morphologic Studies
pp 230-239


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A New Method to Establish Scoring Criteria of the Index of Biotic Integrity
pp 240-250


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Karyotype Polymorphism in Hybrid Populations of Drosophila nasuta and D. albomicans
pp 251-259


Y.C. Yu, F.J. Lin and H. Chang