Vol. 37 No. 3 July, 1998




Variation of Multilocus Minisatellite DNA Fingerprints in Avian Populations
pp 161-168


A. Papangelou, M. Ham and M.M. Miyamoto



PCR for Direct Detection of Edwardsiella tarda from Infected Fish and Environmental Water by Application of the Hemolysin Gene
pp 169-176


J.D. Chen and S.Y. Lai

Age of Pacific Tarpon, Megalops cyprinoides, at Estuarine Arrival and Growth during metamorphosis
pp 177-183


W.N. Tzeng, C.E. Wu and Y.T. Wang

Comparative Zinc Concentrations in Tissues of Common Carp and Other Aquatic Organisms
pp 184-190


L.T. Sun and S.S. Jeng

Genus Tisis Walker from Malaysia and Indonesia (Lepidoptera: Lecithoceridae), with Description of Three New Species
pp 191-196


C.S. Wu

Synopsis of the Genus Hygroplasta Meyrick in the World with Description of a New Species (Lepidoptera: Lecithoceridae)
pp 197-200


C.S. Wu

A Population Study of House Mice (Mus musculus castaneus) Inhabiting Rice Granaries in Taiwan
pp 201-212


C.W. Chou, P.E. Lee, K.H. Lu and H.T. Yu

Cloning and Characterization of Insulin-like Growth Factor I cDNA from Black Seabream (Acanthopagrus schlegeli)
pp 213-221


M.H.C. Chen, G.H. Lin, H.Y. Gong, C.Y. Lee, C.Y. Chang, T.T. Chen and J.L. Wu

New Records of Two Interesting Deep Water Crabs, Homolochunia gadaletae Guinot and Richer de Forges, 1995 (Homolidae) and Rochinia sagamiensis (Gordon, 1931) (Majidae) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura), from Taiwan
pp 222-225


J.F. Huang and P.W. Hsueh