Vol. 38 No. 1 January, 1999



Population Dynamics and Mantle Autotomy of the Figsnail Ficus ficus (Gastropoda: Mesogastropoda: Ficidae)
pp 1-6


L.L. Liu and S.P. Wang

Two New Species of Homoeogenus Waterhouse (Coleoptera: Psephenidae), with Additional Distribution Records on Some Chinese Species
pp 7-9


C.F. Lee and P.S. Yang

Permutation Tests for Difference between Two Multivariate Allometric Patterns
pp 10-18


T.D. Tzeng and S.Y. Yeh

Freshwater Gobies of the Genus Rhinogobius from the Mekong Basin in Thailand and Laos, with Descriptions of Three New Species
pp 19-32


I.S. Chen, M. Kottelat and P.J. Miller

A Review of the Carangid Fishes (Family Carangidae) from Taiwan with Descriptions of Four New Records
pp 33-68


P.L. Lin and K.T. Shao

Invasion of Bacteroids and BEV Bacterium into Oocytes of the Leafhopper Euscelidius variegatus Kirschbaum (Homoptera: Cicadellidae): An Electron Microscopic Study
pp 69-75


W.W.K. Cheung and A.H. Purcell

Specific Gravity and Mechanisms for Its Control in Tadpoles of Three Anuran Species from Different Water Strata
pp 76-81


M.C. Tu, C.W. Chu and K.Y. Lue

A Review of the Cyprinoid Fish Genus Barbodes Bleeker, 1859, from Yunnan, China, with Descriptions of Two New Species
pp 82-88


X.Y. Chen, J.X. Yang and Y.R. Chen

Redescription of Paramyxine nelsoni (Myxinidae; Myxiniformes) and Comparison with P. yangi from Taiwan
pp 89-94


S.C. Kuo and H.K. Mok

Isolation and characterization of a Novel Peptide Gene in the Lobster Jasus edwardsii
pp 95-109


J.G.I. Khoo and F.Y.T. Sin

Metaphase Karyotypes of Fruit Flies of Thailand (III): Six Members of the Bactrocera dorsalis Complex
pp 110-118


V. Baimai, J. Phinchongsakuldit and W. Trinachartvanit