Vol. 38 No. 3 July, 1999



A Revision of the Family Astropectinidae (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) from Taiwan, with Description of Five New Records
pp 257-267


S.M. Chao

The Brachyuran Crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Eumedonidae and Portunidae) Symbiotic with Echinoderms in Taiwan
pp 268-274


P.K.L. Ng and M.S. Jeng

On the Occurrence of Megabalanus stultus (Darwin), 1854 (Cirripedia: Balanomorpha) in Taiwan: a Reappraisal
pp 275-278


A. Ross

Molecular Systematics of the Thornfishes Genera Terapon and Pelates (Perciformes: Teraponidae) with Reference to the New Genus Pseudoterapon
pp 279-286


S.C. Lee and M.P. Tsai

Landmark-based Morphometric Analysis in Selected Species of Serranid Fishes (Perciformes: Teleostei)
pp 287-294


M.J. Cavalcanti, L.R. Monteiro and P.R.D. Lopes

Halichoeres orientalis, a New Labrid Fish from Southern Japan and Taiwan
pp 295-300


J.E. Randall

A Potent Sex Attractant of the Male Tea Tussock Moth, Euproctis pseudoconspersa (Strand) (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) in Taiwan: Field and EAG Responses
pp 301-306


R.S. Tsai, E.C. Yang, C.Y. Wu, H.K. Tseng and Y.S. Chow

Descriptions of two New Subfamilies and a New Genus of Hagfishes (Cyclostomata: Myxinidae)
pp 307-313


R.L. Wisner

Moult-related Fluctuation in Ecdysteroid Titre and Spermatogenesis in the Crab, Metopograpsus messor (Brachyura: Decapoda)
pp 314-321


A.S. Suganthi and G. Anilkumar

Complementary DNA Cloning and Analysis of Gene Structure of Pyruvate Kinase from Drosophila melanogaster
pp 322-332


Y.C. Chien, Y.J. Zhu and C.M. Chuen

Morphological and Life History Divergence of the Zoanthid, Sphenopus marsupialis off the Taiwanese Coast
pp 333-343


K. Soong, Y.S. Shiau and C.P. Chen

Expression of LDH-C Isozyme among Lizard Taxa: Evolutionary Implications for the Vertebrate Lactate Dehydrogenase Gene Family
pp 344-349


C.H. Kuo, S.Kao, C.F. Weng and S.C. Lee

The Fishes of the Endau Drainage, Peninsular Malaysia with Descriptions of Two New Species of Catfishes (Teleostei: Akysidae, Bagridae)
pp 350-366


H.H. Ng and H.H. Tan