Vol. 39 No. 2 April, 2000




Immunochemical Studies onβ1-Bungarotoxin
pp 79-90


C.C. Yang and H.L. Chan



No Divergence of Habitat Selection between Male and Female Arboreal Snakes, Trimeresurus s. stejnegeri
pp 91-98


M.C. Tu, S. Wang and Y.C. Lin

Recruitment and Hatching Dates of Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) Juveniles in the Tanshui Estuary of Northwest Taiwan
pp 99-106


C.W. Chang, W.N. Tzeng and Y.C. Lee

Phylogenetic Corroboration of Superfamily Lycosoidae Spiders (Araneae) as Inferred from Partial Mitochondrial 12S and 16S Ribosomal DNA Sequences
pp 107-113


K. Fang, C.C. Yang, B.W. Lue, S.H. Chen and K.Y. Lue

Morphological Changes and Competence of Maturing Oocytes in the Protandrous Black Porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli
pp 114-122


W.S. Yueh and C.F. Chang

The Spider Family Theridiidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Orchid Island, Taiwan: Descriptions of Six New and One Newly Recorded Species
pp 123-132


H. Yoshida, I.M. Tso and L.L. Severinghaus

Two New Species of the Genus Alopecosa Simon (Araneae: Lycosidae) from Inner Mongolia, China
pp 133-137


J. Chen, D.X. Song and J.C. Gao

The ETS/IGS Region in a Lower Animal, the Seawhip, Junceella fragilis (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Octocorallia): Compactness, Low Variation and Apparent Conservation of a Pre-rRNA Processing Signal with Fungi
pp 138-143


C.A. Chen, D.J. Miller, N.V. Wei, C.F. Dai and H.P. Yang

Antagonizing Effects of Type I Antifreeze Protein on Ca++ Uptake in Fish TO-2 Cells
pp 144-150


C.F. Weng, H.Y. Gong, J.L. Wu, C.L. Hew and P.P. Hwang