Vol. 39 No. 3 July, 2000




Stress and Deviant Reproduction in Echinoderms
pp 151-171


J.M. Lawrence and J. Herrera



Participation of Glycoproteins on Zooxanthellal Cell Walls in the Establishment of a Symbiotic Relationship with the Sea Anemone, Aiptasia pulchella
pp 172-178


K.L. Lin, J.T. Wang and L.S. Fang

A Taxonomic Reappraisal of Montipora digitata Based on Genetic and Morphometric Evidence
pp 179-190


B. Stobart

Community Structure and Functional Organization of Aquatic Insects in an Agricultural Mountain Stream of Taiwan: 1985-1986 and 1995-1996
pp 191-202


S.H. Shieh and P.S. Yang

Polydora (Polychaeta:Spionidae) Species from Taiwan
pp 203-217


V.I. Radashevsky and H.L. Hsieh

Pseudopolydora (Polychaeta:Spionidae) Species from Taiwan
pp 218-235


V.I. Radashevsky and H.L. Hsieh

Argyrodes fissifrons Inhabiting Webs of Cyrtophora Hosts: Prey Size Distribution and Population Characteristics
pp 236-242


I.M. Tso and L.L. Severinghaus

Allelochemical Induction of Hormone-metabolizing Microsomal Monooxygenases in the Fall Armyworm
pp 243-249


S.J. Yu

The Irregular Sea Urchins (Ecinodermata: Echinoidea) from Taiwan, with Descriptions of Six New Records
pp 250-265


S.M. Chao

Resource Limitation Underlying Reproductive Strategies of Coral Reef Fishes: A Hypothesis
pp 266-274


R.Q. Jan

New Records of Sea Stars (Asteroidea: Echinodermata) from the Continental Shelf of Taiwan
pp 275-284


S.M. Chao