Vol. 40 No. 1 January, 2001



Can Copepods Differentiate Prey from Predator Hydromechanically?
pp 1-6


J. S. Hwang and R. Strickler

A Revision of Systasis Walker (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) from China
pp 7-13


H. Xiao and D. W. Huang

Synchronization of Plasma Sexual Steroid Concentrations and Gonadal Cycles in the Sleeper, Eleotris acanthopoma
pp 14-20


H. Y. Wang, C. F. Weng, M. C. Tu and S. C. Lee

Statistical Distinction between Normal and Amputated Specimens in a Field-Collected Sample of the Earthworm, Amynthas lautus (Ude)
pp 21-28


C. F. Tsai and S. C. Tsai

Induction of Metamorphosis and Substratum Preference in Four Sympatric and Closely Related Species of Sea Urchins (Genus Echinometra) in Okinawa
pp 29-43


M. A. Rahman and T. Uehara

Lecithoceridae (Lepidoptera) of Taiwan (IV): Subfamily Torodorinae: Genus Deltoplastis Meyrick
pp 44-48


K. T. Park and J. B. Heppner

Troop Size and Structure in Free-ranging Formosan Macaque (Macaca cyclopis) at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan
pp 49-60


M. J. Hsu and J. F. Lin

Dascyllus auripinnis, a New Pomacentrid Fish from Atolls of the Central Pacific Ocean
pp 61-67


J. E. Randall and H. A. Randall

A New Genus and Species of Aphididae (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) from China
pp 68-70


L. Zhang and G. Zhang

Characterization of Drug Resistance to VM-26 in A2780 Ovarian Carcinoma Cells
pp 71-78


C. M. Lin, T. Y. Chen, L. F. Wang, C. F. Hui and J. Hwang