Vol. 41 No.1 January, 2002



Five New and Four Newly Recorded Species of Jumping spiders from Taiwan (Araneae: Salticidae)
pp. 1-12


X. J. Peng, I. M. Tso and S. Q. Li

Morphological Alterations in the Trachea of Capsaicin-pretreated Rat during Postnatal Development
pp. 13-22


S. M. Yu and K. H. Lin

A Study of Chinese Cirrospilus Westwood (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)
pp. 23-46


C. D. Zhu, J. LaSalle and D. W. Huang

Post-settlement Diet Shift of Chlorurus sordidus and Scarus schlegeli (Pisces: Scaridae)
pp. 47-58


L. S. Chen

Myxine kuoi, a New Species of Hagfish from Southwestern Taiwanese Waters
pp. 59-62


H. K. Mok

Plectranthias sheni, a New Species and P. kamii, a New Record of Anthiine Fishes (Perciformes: Serranidae) from Taiwan
pp. 63-68


J. P. Chen and K. T. Shao

Taxonomic Studies of Parasitic Nyctotherans from Chinese Anura Amphibians III. Wichtermania
pp. 69-76


W. H. Xiao, J. G. Wang and L. X. Li

Taxonomic Studies of Parasitic Nyctotherans from Chinese Anura Amphibians IV. Spirocytopharynxa gen. nov. and Macrocytopharynxa gen. nov.
pp. 77-84


L. X. Li, J. G. Wang and W. H. Xiao

Summer Spatial Distribution of Copepods and Fish Larvae in Relation to Hydrography in the Northern Taiwan Strait
pp. 85-98


C. H. Hsieh and T. S. Chiu

Compound 48/80-induced Degranulation of GnRH-like Immunoreactive Mast Cells in the Brain and Mesentery of the Gerbil
pp. 99-110


M. F. Yang, C. L. Chien and K. S. Lu

Effects of Exogenous Cortisol and Progesterone on Metallothionein Expression and Tolerance to Waterborne Cadmium in Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)
pp. 111-118


S. M. Wu, Y. Y. Chou and A. N. Deng