Vol. 44 No.1 January, 2005




Some Fulgoroids (Insecta: Hemiptera) Collected on Turtle Island, Taiwan


Shun-Chen Tsaur

Excavating Sponge Species from the Indo-Pacific Ocean


B. Calcinai, G. Bavestrello and C. Cerrano

Pascua caudilinea, a New Genus and Species of Gobiid Fish (Perciformes: Gobiidae) from Easter Island


John E. Randall

A New Subspecies of Habrodais poodiae Brown (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclini) from Baja California, Mexico, Representing the Southernmost Distribution of the Nearctic Habrodais


Y.F. Hsu

On a New Seison Grube, 1861 from Coastal Waters of Kenya, with a Reappraisal of the Classification of the Seisonida (Rotifera)


M.V. Sorensen, H.Segers and P Funch


A Taxonomic Revision of the Korean Epipleminae (Lepidoptera: Uraniidae), with Phylogenetic Comments on the Involved Genera


J.C. Sohn and S.H. Yen


Monitoring Behavioral Responses to the Heavy Metal Cadmium in the Marine Shrimp Hippolyte inermis Leach (Crustacea: Decapoda) with Video Imaging


H. Untersteiner, G. Gretschel, T. Puchner, S. Napetsching and Helmut Kaiser

Calling Song Structure and Geographic Variation in Cicada orni Linnaeus (Hemiptera: Cicadidae)


P.J. Gabriela, P.C. Simoes, S.G. Seabra, J.A. Quartau

Food Habits of Japanese Pipistrelles Pipistrellus abramus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Northern Taiwan


Y.F. Lee and L.L. Lee

Age, Growth, and Reproduction of the Spinner Shark, Carcharhinus brevipinna, in the Northeastern Waters of Taiwan


S.J. Joung, Y.Y. Liao, K.M. Liu, C.T. Chen, L.C. Leu

Phylogenetic Position of Eptatretus chinensis (Myxinidae: Myxiniformes) Inferred by 16 rRNA Gene Sequence and Morphology


Y.W. Chen, H.W. Chang and H.K. Mok

Morphological and Molecular Variation in Rhinogobius rubromaculatus (Pisces: Gobiidae) in Taiwan


H.L. Cheng, S. Huang, and S.C. Lee

Phylogenetic Relationships of Labeonine Cyprinids of the Disc-Bearing Group (Pisces: Teleostei)


E. Zhang

Morphological Characterization via Light and Electron Microscopy of the Hemocytes of two Cultured Bivalves:A Comparison Study between the Hard Clam (Metretrix lusoria) and Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)

S.J. Chang, S.M. Tseng and H.Y. Chou