Current Issue

Vol. 46 No.1 January, 2007



Microscopic Structure and Digital Morphometric Analysis of the Statoconia of Hagfish, Paramyxine nelsoni (Myxiniformes)
pp. 1-5


Y.H. Lee, H.T. Huang, and
H.K. Mok

A Phylogenetic Supertree of the Hammerhead Sharks (Carcharhiniformes, Sphyrnidae)
pp. 6-11


M.J. Cavalcanti

Spiders of the Genus Hersilia from Taiwan (Araneae: Hersiliidae)
pp. 12-25


S.H. Chen

Two New Shrimp Gobies of the Genus Ctenogobiops (Perciformes: Gobiidae), from the Western Pacific
pp. 26-34


J.E. Randall, K.T. Shao, and
J.P. Chen

Scorpaena pepo, a New Species of Scorpionfish (Scorpaeniformes: Scorpaenidae) from Northeastern Taiwan, with a Review of S. onaria Jordan and Snyder
pp. 35-45


H. Motomura, S.G. Poss, and K.T. Shao

Cryptic Diversity of the Tetraclita squamosa Complex (Crustacea, Cirripedia) in Asia: Description of a New Species from Singapore
pp. 46-56


B.K.K. Chan, L.M. Tsang, and K.H. Chu

Composition of the Trophic Structure of Zooplankton in a Shallow Temperate Estuary (Mondego Estuary, Western Portugal)
pp. 57-68


F. Morgado, C. Antunes, E.
Rodrigues, M.R. astorinho,
P. Bacelar-Nicolau, L. Vieira, and U.M. Azeiteiro

Quantitative Biological Assessment of a Newly Installed Artificial Reef in Yenne, Senegal
pp. 69-82


H. Terashima, M. Sato, H.
Kawasaki, and D. Thiam

Temporal Relationship Between the Prey Spectrum and Population Structure in the Weevil-Hunting Wasp Cerceris arenaria (Hymenoptera:
pp. 83-91


C. Polidori, R. Boesi, C.
Pesarini, C. Papadia, S.
Bevacqua, M. Federici, and
F. Andrietti

Age and Growth Estimates of the Whitespotted Bamboo Shark, Chiloscyllium plagiosum, in the Northern Waters of Taiwan
pp. 92-102


W.K. Chen, P.C. Chen, K.M. Liu, and S.B. Wang

Sexual Differences in the Spawning Sounds of Japanese Croaker, Argyrosomus japonicus (Sciaenidae)
pp. 103-110


J.P. Ueng, B.Q. Huang, and
H.K. Mok

The Spatial and Temporal Distribution Patterns of the Argentine Short- Finned Squid, Illex argentinus, Abundance in the Southwest Atlantic and the
Effects of Environmental Influences
pp. 111-122


C.S. Chen, T.S. Chiu, and
W.B. Huang

An Unusual Pattern of Ancient Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups in Northern African Cattle
pp. 123-125

M.S. Ascunce, A. Kitchen,
P.R. Schmidt, M.M. Miyamoto, and C.J. Mulligan