Current Issue

Vol. 48 No. 2 March, 2009



Searching for the Right Target: Oviposition and Feeding Behavior in Bombylius Bee Flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae)
pp 141-150


R. Boesi, C. Polidori, and F.

Seasonal and Spatial Variations in the Planktonic Copepod Community of Ilan Bay and Adjacent Kuroshio Waters off Northeastern Taiwan
pp 151-161


C.Y. Lee, D.C. Liu, and W.C. Su

Trampling, Litter Removal, and Variations in the Composition and Relative Abundance of Soil Arthropods in a Subtropical Hardwood Forest
pp 162-173


Y.F. Lee, Y.M. Kuo, S.S. Lu, D.Y. Chen, H.J. Jean, and J.T. Chao

Differential Responses of Marsh Arthropods to Rainfall-Induced Habitat Loss
pp 174-183


A.D. Canepuccia, A. Cicchino, A. Escalante, A. Novaro, and J.P. Isacch

Variations in Intertidal Assemblages and Zonation Patterns between Vertical Artificial Seawalls and Natural Rocky Shores: A Case Study from Victoria
Harbour, Hong Kong
pp 184-195


N.W.Y. Lam, R. Huang, and B.K.K. Chan

Trophodynamics in a Shallow Lagoon off Northwestern Europe (Culbin Sands, Moray Firth): Spatial and Temporal Variability of Epibenthic Communities, Their Diets, and Consumption Efficiency
pp 196-214


V.M. Mendonca, D.G. Raffaelli, P.R. Boyle, and C. Emes

Seasonal Changes in the Avian Diet of Breeding Sparrowhawks Accipiter nisus: How to Fulfill the Offspring¡¦s Food Demands?
pp 215-222


M. Bujoczek and M. Ciach

Evolution of Olfactory Receptor Genes in East Asian Loaches
pp 223-237


D. Wang, T.Y. Wang, L.C. Weng, Y. Emori, C.S. Tzeng, and W.H. Li

Plasma Activity of the Broad-snouted Caiman (Caiman latirostris)
pp 238-242


P.A. Siroski, C.I. Pina, A. Larriera, M. Merchant, and J.D. Conza

New Species of Marine Littoral Mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Taiwan and India, with a Key to the World¡¦s Species of Fortuynia and Notes on Their Distributions
pp 243-261


B. Bayartogtokh, T. Chatterjee, B.K. K. Chan, and B. Ingole

Pterostichus macrogenys Bates (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and Its Allied Species of Northern Japan: Descriptions of Seven Additional Species and Possible Evidence Supporting Species Status
pp 262-269


K. Sasakawa

Systematic Status of Agehana elwesi f. cavaleriei Based on Morphological and Molecular Evidence
pp 270-279


C.C. Lu, L.W. Wu, G.F. Jiang, H.L. Deng, L.H. Wang, P.S. Yang, and Y.F. Hsu

Pentapodus numberii, a New Species of Whiptail (Pisces: Nemipteridae) from Eastern Indonesia
pp 280-286


G.R. Allen and M.V. Erdmann