Current Issue

Vol. 48 No.5 September, 2009



Nestling Begging Call Structure and Bout Variation Honestly Signal Need but Not Condition in Spanish Sparrows
pp 587-595


P.A.M. Marques, L. Vicente, and R. Marquez

A Novel Dispersal Mechanism of a Coral-Threatening Sponge, Terpios hoshinota (Suberitidae, Porifera)
pp 596


K. Soong, S.L. Yang, and
C.A. Chen

Enhancement of Vitellogenin Synthesis by Serotonin in the Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man)
pp 597-606


C.M. Kuo, Y.N. Chen, H.F. Fan, H.C. Chuang, and S.L. Hsieh

Artificial Insemination and Early Embryonic Development of the Mangrove Crab Perisesarma bidens (De Haan) (Crustacea: Brachyura)
pp 607-619


Md. M. Sarker, Md. S. Islam, and T. Uehara

Sex Determination by PCR-RFLP in the Oriental White Stork Ciconia boyciana
pp 619-624


J.I. Han, H.J. Jang, S. Cheong, S. Kim, S.R. Park, and K.J. Na

Natural History and Leaf Shelter Construction of the Asian Rice Leptispa Beetle Leptispa pygmaea Baly (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae:
pp 625-631


K.D. Prathapan, C.S. Chaboo, and K. Karthikeyan

Time Series Analysis of Taiwanese Catch Data of Japanese Glass Eels Anguilla japonica: Possible Effects of the Reproductive Cycle and El Niño Events
pp 632-639


Y.S. Han, W.N. Tzeng, and I.C. Liao

Validation of Annular Deposition in Scales and Otoliths of Flathead Mullet Mugil cephalus
pp 640-648


C.C. Hsu and W.N. Tzeng

Plasticity of Feeding Habits of Two Plectroglyphidodon Damselfishes on
Coral Reefs in Southern Taiwan: Evidence from Stomach Content and Stable Isotope Analyses
pp 649-656


C.T. Ho, Y.C. Fu, C.L. Sun,
S.J. Kao, and R.Q. Jan

Nest Site Characteristics and Reproductive Parameters of Grey Herons Ardea cinerea in Korea
pp 657-664


J. Kim and T.H. Koo

New Cave-Dwelling Coelotine Spiders from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, China (Araneae: Amaurobiidae)
pp 665-681


J. Liu and S.Q. Li

A New Species of Lysmata (Crustacea, Decapoda, Hippolytidae) from the Pacific Coast of Panama, with Observations of Its Reproductive Biology
pp 682-692


A. Anker, J.A. Baeza, and S. De Grave

A Revision of the Genus Atheroides Haliday, 1839 (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Chaitophorinae)
pp 693-708


K. Wieczorek

Halichoeres claudia sp. nov., a New Indo-Pacific Wrasse (Perciformes: Labridae), the Fourth Species of the H. ornatissimus Complex
pp 709-718


J.E. Randall and L.A. Rocha