Current Issue

Vol. 49 No.3 May, 2010



Symbolic Analysis of Plankton Swimming Trajectories: Case Study of Strobilidium sp. (Protista) Helical Walking under Various Food Conditions
pp 289-303


P. Vandromme, F.G. Schmitt, S. Souissi, E.J. Buskey, J.R. Strickler, C.H. Wu, and J.S. Hwang

Paternal Care and Egg Survivorship in a Low Nest-Attendance Rhacophorid Frog
pp 304-310


W.C. Cheng and Y.C. Kam

Foraging Guilds of Waterbirds Wintering in a Mediterranean Coastal Wetland
pp 311-323


V. Liordos

Enlarged Chromatophores in an Actively Swimming Ophichthid Leptocephalus Observed over Deep Water off Kona, Hawaii
pp 324


M.J. Miller, M.J. D'Avella, and K. Tsukamoto

The Westernmost Record of the Coral Leptoseris kalayaanensis in the South China Sea
pp 325


B.W. Hoeksema, T.N. Dautova, O.V. Savinkin, V.S. Tuan, H.X. Ben, P.K. Hoang, and H.T. Du

Presence or Absence of the Cl- Channel Phospholemman in the Rectal Gland of Sharks: A Comparative Study
pp 326-334


F.M.A.H.S. Stekhoven, S.E.W.
Bonga, T.H. Lee, and A.R. Bottrill

Patterns of Zooplankton Distribution along the Marine, Estuarine, and Riverine Portions of the Danshuei Ecosystem in Northern Taiwan
pp 335-352


J.S. Hwang, R. Kumar, C.W. Hsieh, A.Y. Kuo, S. Souissi, M.H. Hsu, J.T. Wu, W.C. Liu, C.F. Wang, and Q.C. Chen

Relationships between the Hydrodynamics and Changes in Copepod Structure on the Algerian Coast
pp 353-366


A. Hafferssas and R. Seridji

Effects of Incubation and Rearing Temperatures on Caiman latirostris Growth
pp 367-373


M.V.P. Marco, C.I. Pina, M.
Simoncini, and L. Alejandro

Thermal Effects on Embryogenesis and Hatchlings of the Grass Lizard Takydromus stejnegeri (Squamata: Lacertidae) and Implications of Their
Potential for Limiting Its Altitudinal Distribution in Taiwan
pp 374-380


Y.H. Chen, S.P. Huang, M.H.
Chang, and M.C. Tu

Effective Point-Count Duration for Estimating Bird Species¡¦ Richness in Chilean Forests
pp 381-391


P.M. Vergara, J.E. Jimenez, and R.P. Schlatter

Does Variable Habitat Usage by the Japanese Eel Lead to Population Genetic Differentiation?
pp 392-397


Y.S. Han, Y. Iizuka, and W.N. Tzeng

Relationships of Settlement Date and Body Size with Reproductive Success in Male Oriental Great Reed Warbler Acrocephalus orientalis
pp 398-404


Y.S. Choi, Y.K. Lee, and J.C. Yoo

A new species of Opisthoteuthis, O. dongshaensis sp. nov., from the South China Sea (Octopoda: Cirrata: Opisthoteuthidae)
pp 405-420


C.C. Lu

Spermatophore and Gonopore Morphology of the Southwestern-Atlantic Hermit Crab Pagurus exilis (Benedict, 1892) (Anomura, Paguridae)
pp 421-432


M.A. Scelzo, M.Z. Fantucci, and F.L. Mantelatto