Current Issue

Vol. 49 No.4 July, 2010



Interactions between Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) and Foxes (Vulpes vulpes arabica, V. rueppellii sabaea, and V. cana) on Turtle Nesting Grounds in the Northwestern Indian Ocean: Impacts of the Fox Community on the Behavior of Nesting Sea Turtles at the Ras Al Hadd Turtle Reserve, Oman
pp 437-452


V.M. Mendonca, S. Al Saady, A. Al Kiyumi, and K. Erzini

Roosting Behavior and Roost Selection by Buff-throated Partridges Tetraophasis szechenyii during the Breeding Season
pp 453-459


M. Ciach, D. Wikar, M. Bylicka, and M. Bylicka

Foraging Guilds of Waterbirds Wintering in a Mediterranean Coastal Wetland
pp 461-469


Y. Xu, N. Yang, Y. Wang, B.S. Yue, and J.H. Ran

Resource Partitioning among Five Agrobiont Spiders of a Rice Ecosystem
pp 470-480


A. Butt and H.M. Tahir

Mygalomorph Spiders of the Natural and Historical Reserve of Martin Garcia Island, Rio de la Plata River, Argentina
pp 481-491


N. Ferretti, F. Perez-Miles, and A. Gonzalez

Unexpected Dominance of the Subtropical Copepod Temora turbinata in the Temperate Changjiang River Estuary and Its Possible Causes
pp 492-503


G.T. Zhang, S. Sun, Z.L. Xu, and Q.L. Zhang

The Migratory Environmental History of Freshwater Resident Flathead Mullet Mugil cephalus L. in the Tanshui River, Northern Taiwan
pp 504-514


C.H. Wang, C.C. Hsu, C.W. Chang, C.F. You, W.N. Tzeng

Mitochondrial DNA Variations in Sibling Species of the Bulinus truncatus/ tropicus Complex in Lake Albert, Western Uganda
pp 515-522


A. Nalugwa, T.K. Kristensen, S. Nyakaana, and A. Jorgensen

Six New Earthworms of the Genus Pheretima (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) from Balbalan-Balbalasang, Kalinga Province, the Philippines
pp 523-533


Y. Hong and S.W. James

Revision of the Taiwanese and Japanese Species of the Genus Laius (Insecta: Coleoptera: Malachiidae)
pp 534-543


H. Yoshitomi and C.F. Lee

Using Molecular Tools to Establish the Type Locality and Distribution of the Endemic Taiwanese Freshwater Crab Geothelphusa chiui Minei, 1974
(Crustacea: Brachyura: Potamidae), with Notes on the Genetic Diversity of Geothelphusa from Eastern Taiwan
pp 544-555


P.K.L. Ng, H.T. Shih, T. Naruse, and J.Y. Shy

Landmark-Based Morphometric and Meristic Variations of the Endangered Carp, Kalibaus Labeo calbasu, from Stocks of Two Isolated Rivers, the Jamuna and Halda, and a Hatchery
pp 556-563


M.A.R. Hossain, Md
Nahiduzzaman, D. Saha, Mst U.H. Khanam, and Md S. Alam

Population Genetics of the Spotted Seahorse (Hippocampus kuda) in Thai Waters: Implications for Conservation
pp 564-576


T. Panithanarak, R. Karuwancharoen, U. Na-Nakorn, and T.T.T. Nguyen

Morphometrics of the Tracks of Puma concolor : Is It Possible to Differentiate the Sexes Using Measurements from Captive Animals?
pp 577-582


K.P. Garcia, J.C. Ortiz, M. Vidal, and J.R. Rau