Current Issue

Vol. 49 No.5 September, 2010



Periphytic Ciliates in Three Shallow Lakes in Eastern Poland: A Comparative Study between a Phytoplankton-Dominated Lake, a Phytoplankton-
Macrophyte Lake and a Macrophyte-Dominated Lake
pp 589-600


T. Mieczan

Reproduction of the Bath Sponge Spongia ceylonensis (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from Penghu, Taiwan
pp 601-607


I.F. Chung, Y.M. Huang, T.H. Lee, and L.L. Liu

Composition, Abundance, and Diversity of the Peracarida on Different Vegetation Types in the Qi¡¦ao-Dan¡¦gan Island Mangrove Nature Reserve on Qi¡¦ao Island in the Pearl River Estuary, China
pp 608-615


C.F. Wang, X.Q. Ren, and R.L. Xu

Comparison of Recapture Rates and Estimates of Fishing and Natural Mortality Rates of Japanese Eel Anguilla japonica between Different Origins
and Marking Methods in a Mark-Recapture Experiment in the Kaoping River, Southern Taiwan
pp 616-624


Y.J. Lin, S.L. Chang, M.Y. Chang, S.H. Lin, T.I. Chen, M.S. Su, W.C. Su, and W.N. Tzeng

Latitudinal Gradient in the Body Weight of Bluegill Lepomis macrochirus in Lake Biwa, Japan
pp 625-631


Y. Yamamoto, H. Tsukada, and D. Nakai

Comparison of Stream Frog Assemblages at Three Elevations in an Evergreen Forest, North-Central Thailand
pp 632-639


R. Phochayavanich, H.K. Voris, W. Khonsue, S. Thunhikorn, and K. Thirakhupt

Distribution of the Big-Headed Turtle (Platysternon megacephalum, Gray 1831) in Thailand
pp 640-650


C.H. Wang, C.C. Hsu, C.W. Chang, C.F. You, W.N. Tzeng

Local Weather Conditions Affect Migration Strategies of Adult Western Honey Buzzards Pernis apivorus through an Isthmus Area
pp 651-656


M. Panuccio, N. Agostini, G. Lucia, U. Mellone, S. Wilson, J. Ashton- Booth, G. Chiatante, and S. Todisco

Comparative Study of Genetic Variability of AAT and CT/GT Microsatellites in Staghorn Coral, Acropora (Scleractinia: Acroporidae)
pp 657-668


P.C. Tang, N.V. Wei, C.W. Chen, C.C. Wallace, and C.A. Chen

On the Identities of Three Common Shallow-Water Swimming Crabs Portunus hastatoides Fabricius, 1798, P. dayawanensis Chen, 1986, and P.
Yang and Tang, 2006 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Portunidae): Essentials for Benthic Ecological Monitoring and Biodiversity Studies
pp 669-680


K.J.H. Wong, K.M.Y. Leung, and B.K.K. Chan

Photosymbiotic Ascidians from Kenting and Lyudao in Taiwan
pp 681-687


E. Hirose and Y. Nozawa

Genetic Structure of Hylarana erythraea (Amphibia: Anura: Ranidae) from Malaysia
pp 688-702


R. Zainudin, S.M. Nor, N. Ahmad, B.M. Md-Zain, and M.A. Rahman

Molecular Phylogeny of the Barwings (Aves: Timaliidae: Actinodura), a Paraphyletic Group, and Its Taxonomic Implications
pp 703-709


F. Dong, F. Wu, L.M. Liu, and X.J. Yang