Current Issue

Vol. 49 No.6 November, 2010



Community Characteristics of Soil Ciliates at Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou, China
pp 713-723


J. Li, M.G. Li, J. Yang, Y. Ai, and R.L. Xu

Post-Settlement Survival of Reef-Coral Juveniles in Southern Taiwan
pp 724-734


K.M. Kuo and K. Soong

Copepods Assemblages in an Embayment of Taiwan during Monsoonal Transitions
pp 735-748


W.B. Chang, H.U. Dahms, and L.C. Tseng

Age and Growth of a Long-Lived Fish Schizothorax o’connori in the Yarlung Tsangpo River, Tibet
pp 749-759


B.S. Ma, C.X. Xie, B. Huo, X.F.
Yang, and H.P. Huang

Juvenile Fish Assemblages in Mangrove and Non-Mangrove Soft-Shore Habitats in Eastern Hong Kong
pp 760-778


T.H.M. Nip and C.K. Wong

Ecology and Reproductive Characteristics of the Skink Sphenomorphus incognitus on an East Asian Island, with Comments on Variations in Clutch Size with Reproductive Modes in Sphenomorphus
pp 779-788


W.S. Huang

Postnatal Growth and Age Estimation in Horsfield’s Leaf-Nosed Bat Hipposideros larvatus
pp 789-796


A.Q. Lin, L.R. Jin, Y. Liu, K.P. Sun, and J. Feng

Seasonal, Sexual, and Age-Related Variations in the Live-Trapping Success of Woodland Dormice Graphiurus murinus
pp 797-805


Z.J.K. Madikiza, S. Bertolino, R.M. Baxter, and E. Do Linh San

Greater Mating Success of Middle-Aged Females of Drosophila ananassae
pp 806-815


M. Prathibha and M.S. Krishna

High Genetic Variability of the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus L.) Population from Croatia as Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA Control Region Sequences
pp 816-823


T. Gomerčić, M. Sindičić, A. Galov, H. Arbanasić, J. Kusak, I. Kocijan, M.Đ. Gomerčić, and Đ. Huber

Species of Frankliniella Trybom (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) from the Asian- Pacific Area
pp 824-838


C.L. Wang, F.C. Lin, Y.C. Chiu, and H.T. Shih

Oribatid Mites from Marine Littoral and Freshwater Habitats in India with Remarks on World Species of Thalassozetes (Acari: Oribatida)
pp 839-854


B. Bayartogtokh and T. Chatterjee

A New Species of Hagfish Eptatretus rubicundus (Myxinidae: Myxiniformes) from Taiwan, with Reference to Its Phylogenetic Position Based on Its
Mitochondrial DNA Sequence
pp 855-864


C.H. Kuo, S.C. Lee, and H.K. Mok

Gramma dejongi, a New Basslet (Perciformes: Grammatidae) from Cuba, a
Sympatric Sibling Species of G. loreto
pp 865-871

B.C. Victor and J.E. Randall
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