Current Issue

Vol. 51 No.2 March, 2012



Determination of the Thermal Tolerance of Symbiodinium Using the Activation Energy for Inhibiting Photosystem II Activity
pp 137-142


J.T. Wang, P.J. Meng, Y.Y. Chen, and C.A. Chen

Larval Development of Fertilized “Pseudo-Gynodioecious” Eggs Suggests a Sexual Pattern of Gynodioecy in Galaxea fascicularis (Scleractinia:
pp 143-149


S. Keshavmurthy, C.M. Hsu, C.Y. Kuo, V. Denis, J.K. Leung, S. Fontana, H.J. Hsieh, W.S. Tsai, W.C. Su, and C.A. Chen

Diverse Interactions between Corals and the Coral-Killing Sponge, Terpios hoshinota (Suberitidae: Hadromerida)
pp 150-159


J.T. Wang, Y.Y. Chen, P.J. Meng, Y.H. Sune, C.M. Hsu, K.Y. Wei, and C.A. Chen

Biodiversity of Planktonic Copepods in the Lanyang River (Northeastern Taiwan), a Typical Watershed of Oceania
pp 160-174


H.U. Dahms, L.C. Tseng, S.H.
Hsiao, Q.C. Chen, B.R. Kim, and J.S. Hwang

Changes in Oak Gall Wasps Species Diversity (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in Relation to the Presence of Oak Powdery Mildew (Erysiphe alphitoides)
pp 175-184


M.R. Zargaran, N. Erbilgin, and Y. Ghosta

Age and Growth of Oxygymnocypris stewartii (Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae) in the Yarlung Tsangpo River, Tibet, China
pp 185-194


B. Huo, C.X. Xie, B.S. Ma, X.F.
Yang, and H.P. Huang

Collection of Pollen Grains by Centris (Hemisiella) tarsata Smith (Apidae: Centridini): Is C. tarsata an Oligolectic or Polylectic Species?
pp 195-203


L. Gonçalves, C.I. da Silva, and M.L.T. Buschini

Monogamous System in the Taiwan Vole Microtus kikuchii Inferred from Microsatellite DNA and Home Ranges
pp 204-212


J.S. Wu, P.J. Chiang, and L.K. Lin

A New Shallow-Water Species, Polycyathus chaishanensis sp. nov. (Scleractinia: Caryophylliidae), from Chaishan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
pp 213-221


M.F. Lin, M.V. Kitahara, H.
Tachikawa, S. Keshavmurthy, and C.A. Chen

Systematic Study of the Simocephalus Sensu Stricto Species Group (Cladocera: Daphniidae) from Taiwan by Morphometric and Molecular Analyses
pp 222-231


S.S. Young, M.H. Ni, and M.Y. Liu

Two New Species of Amphipods of the Superfamily Aoroidea (Crustacea: Corophiidea) from the Strait of Malacca, Malaysia, with a Description of a New Genus
pp 232-247


B.A.R. Azman and B.H.R. Othman

Leucosiid Crabs of the Genus Hiplyra Galil, 2009 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Leucosiidae) from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, with Description of a
New Species
pp 248-258


R. Naderloo and M. Apel

A Predictive Model to Differentiate the Fruit Bats Cynopterus brachyotis and C. cf. brachyotis Forest (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) from Malaysia Using
Multivariate Analysis
pp 259-271


V.K. Jayaraj, C.J. Laman, and M.T. Abdullah