Current Issue

Vol. 51 No.7 December, 2012



Feeding Behavior of Spurilla sp. (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia) with a Description of the Kleptocnidae Sequestered from Its Sea Anemone Prey
pp 905-912


A. Garese, S. García-Matucheski, F.H. Acuña, and C. Muniain

Daily Activities of the Giant Pill-Millipede Zephronia cf. viridescens Attems, 1936 (Diplopoda: Sphaerotheriida: Zephroniidae) in a Deciduous Forest in Northern Thailand
pp 913-926


N. Wongthamwanich, S. Panha, D. Sitthicharoenchai, A. Pradatsundarasar, T.
Seelanan, H. Enghoff, and K. Thirakhupt

How Does the Ambush Predatory Copepod Megacyclops formosanus (Harada, 1931) Capture
Mosquito Larvae of Aedes aegypti?
pp 927-936


A.K. Awasthi, C.H. Wu, K.H. Tsai, C.C. King, and J.S. Hwang

Mud-Ball Construction by Sceliphron Mud-Dauber Wasps (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae): A Comparative
Ethological Study
pp 937-945


L. Chatenoud, C. Polidori, M. Federici, V. Licciardi, and F. Andrietti

Sexual Dimorphism in Sound Production and Call Characteristics in the Striped Weakfish Cynoscion
pp 946-955


J.S. Tellechea and W. Norbis

Agonistic Behavior of the Mediterranean Gecko Hemidactylus turcicus
pp 956-965


V.S. Briggs

Hemolymph Ecdysteroid Titers in a Brachyuran Crab Uca triangularis that Concomitantly Undergoes
Molting and Reproduction
pp 966-976


S. Kappalli, N.T. Supriya, V. Krishnakumar, A. Gopinathan, and E.S. Chang

Effects of Sublethal and Lethal Copper Concentrations on the Gill Epithelium Ultrastructure of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus
pp 977-987


S.M. Monteiro, E. Oliveira, A. Fontaínhas- Fernandes, and M. Sousa

Cutaneous Resistance to Evaporative Water Loss in Taiwanese Arboreal Rhacophorid Frogs
pp 988-995


J.N. Liu and P.C.L. Hou

No Tradeoff between Sexual and Asexual Investments in the Sea Anemone Aiptasia pulchella
(Anthozoa: Actiniaria)
pp 996-1005


C. Chen, H.Y. Chang, and K. Soong

A Fifth Morphological Polyp in Pennatulacean Octocorals, with a Review of Polyp Polymorphism in
the Genera Pennatula and Pteroeides (Anthozoa: Pennatulidae)
pp 1006-1017


G.C. Williams, B.W. Hoeksema, and L.P. van

Forest Fire Modifies Soil Free-Living Nematode Communities in the Biriya Woodland of Northern
pp 1018-1026


S. Pen-Mouratov, O. Ginzburg, W.G. Whitford,
and Y. Steinberger

The First Records of Peltogastrid Rhizocephalans (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Rhizocephala) on Hermit
Crabs (Paguroidea) in Taiwan and Differences in Prevalences among Collection Sites
pp 1027-1039


R. Yoshida, M. Hirose, H.K. Mok, and E. Hirose

Population Genetics of the Violet Vinegar Crab (Episesarma versicolor) Along the Andaman Sea
Coast of Thailand
pp 1040-1050


V. Supmee, L. Ngernsiri, A. Sriboonlert, P. Wonnapinij, and P. Sangthong

Shifts in Functional Traits of Aquatic Insects along a Subtropical Stream in Taiwan
pp 1051-1065


S.H. Shieh, L.K. Wang, and W.F. Hsiao

Reproductive Biology of Schizothorax o’connori (Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae) in the Yarlung Zangbo River, Tibet
pp 1066-1076


B.S. Ma, C.X. Xie, B. Huo, X.F. Yang, and S.S. Chen

Growth Study of the Pool Barb Puntius sophore (Cyprinidae: Barbinae) through Multi-Model
pp 1077-1085


F. Ahamed, Z.F. Ahmed, M.Y. Hossain, and J. Ohtomi

The Reproductive Biology of Pempheris schwenkii (Pempheridae) on Okinawa Island, Southwestern
pp 1086-1093


K. Koeda, T. Ishihara, and K. Tachihara

What is the Role of Heterogeneity and Spatial Autocorrelation of Ponds in the Organization of Frog
Communities in Southern Brazil?
pp 1094-1104


S. Iop, V.M. Caldart, T.G. dos Santos, and S.Z. Cechin

Spatial Overlap between the Intermediate Egret Egretta intermedia and Its Aquatic Prey at Two
Spatiotemporal Scales in a Rice Paddy Landscape
pp 1105-1112


N. Katayama, T. Amano, G. Fujita, and H. Higuchi

Distribution of Terrestrial Cave-Dwelling Arthropods in Two Adjacent Prealpine Italian Areas with
Different Glacial Histories
pp 1113-1121


L. Latella, N. Verdari, and M. Gobbi

Functional Screening of Human Genes by Expression in Drosophila Identifies Enthoprotin/LqfR as a
Regulator of Hematopoiesis
pp 1122-1138


Y.H. Chang, W.R. Li, and Y.H. Sun

New and Little-Known Poecilosclerid Sponges from the Mexican Pacific Ocean
pp 1139-1153


J.M. Aguilar-Camacho and J.L. Carballo

Phylogenetic Position of Vesicomyid Clams from a Methane Seep off Central Chile (~36°S) with a
Molecular Timescale for the Diversification of the Vesicomyidae
pp 1154-1164


F. Valdés, J. Sellanes, and G. D’Elía

A New Euryhaline Species of the Genus Ficopomatus Southern 1921 (Polychaeta: Serpulidae) from
pp 1165-1174


S.C. Li, A.T. Wang, and L. Deng

Taxonomic Relatedness of Spider and Carabid Assemblages in a Wetland Ecosystem
pp 1175-1187


M. Paschetta, P.M. Giachino, and M. Isaia

Pylorobranchus hoi, a New Genus and Species of Myrophine Worm-Eel from Taiwan (Anguilliformes:
pp 1188-1194


J.E. McCosker, K.H. Loh, J. Lin, and H.M. Chen

Studies on the Elemental Profile of Otoliths and Truss Network Analysis for Stock Discrimination of
the Threatened Stinging Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch 1794) from the Ganga River and Its
pp 1195-1206


M.A. Khan, K. Miyan, S. Khan, D.K. Patel, and N.G. Ansari

The Eastern Boundary of the Brazilian Cerrado: A Hotspot Region
pp 1207-1218


C.R. Bonvicino, S.M. Lindbergh, M.B. Faria, and A.M.R. Bezerra