Vol. 52, 2013


Paper title

Abundance, recruitment, and shell growth of the exotic mussel Limnoperna fortunei in the Río de la Plata (Argentina)
Fernando Spaccesi



Geospatial variability in the autumn community structure of epipelagic zooplankton in the upper layer of the northern South China Sea
Li-Chun Tseng, Hans-Uwe Dahms, Qing-Chao Chen and Jiang-Shiou Hwang



Effects of sex on characteristics and expression levels of digestive enzymes in the adult guppy Poecilia reticulata
Karun Thongprajukaew and Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi



Assessing the importance of burrows through behavioral observations of Parastacus brasiliensis, a Neotropical burrowing crayfish (Crustacea), in laboratory conditions
Alexandre V Palaoro, Marcelo M Dalosto, Cadidja Coutinho, Sandro Santos



Key to species of the genus Cryptorhopalum (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) occurring in the Greater Antilles with description of six new species from Hispaniola
Marcin Kadej, Jiří Háva
*Simultaneously identical and durable hard copies were produced and available from national libraries in Taiwan



A new species of Pomacentrus (Actinopterygii: Pomacentridae) from Micronesia, with comments on its phylogenetic relationships
Shang-Yin Liu, Hsuan-Ching Ho, Chang-Feng Dai
*Simultaneously identical and durable hard copies were produced and available from national libraries in Taiwan



Occurrence characteristics of two sibling species, Pseudodiaptomus inopinus and Pseudodiaptomus poplesia (Copepoda, Calanoida, Pseudodiaptomidae), in the Mankyung River estuary, South Korea
Eun-Ok Park, Jeffery R Cordell, Ho Soh



Return of the pythons: first formal records, with a special note on recovery of the Burmese python in the demilitarized Kinmen islands
Chung-Wei You, Yen-Po Lin, Yen-Hsueh Lai, You-Ling Chen, Yao Tang, Shih-Ping Chou, Hong-Yi Chang, Robert T Zappalorti, Si-Min Lin



The genus Cneorane Baly, 1865 from Taiwan (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae), with notes on sexual dimorphism and its life history
Chi-Feng Lee, Jan Bezděk



Comparative proteomics analysis of normal and memory-deficient Drosophila melanogaster heads 
Tian-Ren Lee, Hsiao-Yun Lee, Shun-Hong Huang, Hsin-Tzu Chan, Ping-Chiang Lyu, Hong-Lin Chan



Biochemical and hematological profiles of a wild population of the nose-horned viper Vipera ammodytes (Serpentes: Viperidae) during autumn, with a morphological assessment of blood cells
Duje Lisičić, Domagoj Đikić, Vesna Benković, Anica Horvat Knežević, Nada Oršolić, Zoran Tadić



Reproductive activity and advertisement calls of the Asian common toad Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae) from Bach Ma National Park, Vietnam
Binh V Ngo, Chung D Ngo



A new intertidal Brachionus and intrageneric phylogenetic relationships among Brachionus as revealed by allometry and CO1-ITS1 gene analysis
Dae-Sik Hwang, Hans-Uwe Dahms, Heum Park, Jae-Seong Lee



An alternative kernel-based method for estimating copepod growth rates from multimodal biomass distributions in artificial cohort experiments
Kuan-Yu Lin, Akash R Sastri, Chih-hao Hsieh



Expressions of oxidative stress-related genes and antioxidant enzyme activities in Mytilus galloprovincialis (Bivalvia, Mollusca) exposed to hypoxia
Seonock Woo, Vianney Denis, Hyokyung Won, Kyungsoon Shin, Gunsup Lee, Taek-Kyun Lee, Seungshic Yum



Monitoring European wildcat Felis silvestris populations using scat surveys in central Spain: are population trends related to wild rabbit dynamics or to landscape features?
Jorge Lozano, Emilio Virgós, Sara Cabezas-Díaz



Copepods associated with the red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus (Tilesius, 1815) in the Barents Sea
Alexander G Dvoretsky, Vladimir G Dvoretsky



DNA variations of the green toad Pseudepidalea viridis (syn. Bufo viridis) from various habitats
Gad Degani, Tali Goldberg, Avital Gasith, Eldad Elron, Eviatar Nevo



Spatial variation in reproductive measures of female bluegill Lepomis macrochirus Rafinesque in a small lake with diverse thermal conditions
Yoshimasa Yamamoto, Fuh-Kwo Shiah



Effects of photoperiod and temperature on the body mass, thermogenesis, and serum leptin levels of Apodemus draco (Rodentia: Muridae) in the Hengduan Mountain region, China
Wan-Long Zhu, Guang Yang, Lin Zhang, Zheng-Kun Wang



Reproductive behavior of the male rose bitterling Rhodeus ocellatus as influenced by the operational sex ratio
Cai-ping Liao, Dan Yu, Yi-yu Chen, Huan-zhang Liu



Leaf swallowing and parasitic infection of the Chinese lesser civet Viverricula indica in northeastern Taiwan
Hsiu-hui Su, Ying-chen Su, Michael A Huffman



Habitat use by giant pandas Ailuropoda melanoleuca in the Wanglang Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China
Dong-Wei Kang, Hong-Wei Yang, Jun-Qing Li, You-Ping Chen, Lian-Jun Zhao



Hematologic and plasma biochemical reference values of the yellow pond turtle Mauremys mutica and the effects of sex and season
Pin-Huan Yu, Pu-Yu Yang, Yun-Shan Chiu, Chau-Hwa Chi



Phylogenetic and taxonomic status of the coral Goniopora stokesi and related species (Scleractinia: Poritidae) in Japan based on molecular and morphological data
Yuko F Kitano, Masami Obuchi, Daisuke Uyeno, Katsumi Miyazaki, Hironobu Fukami



Ariosoma-type Leptocephali (Congridae: Bathymyrinae) in the Mentawai Islands region off western Sumatra, Indonesia
Michael J Miller, Mikiya Yamaguchi, Sam Wouthuyzen, Jun Aoyama, Sasanti Suharti, Tao Ma, Tatsuki Yoshinaga, Yuki Minegishi, Tatsuya Kawakami, Katsumi Tsukamoto



Raptor assemblages in grasslands of Southern Brazil: species richness and abundance and the influence of the survey method
Felipe Zilio, Alan Bolzan, André de Mendonça-Lima, Cristiane da Silva, Laura Verrastro, Márcio Borges-Martins



Comparison of the osmoregulatory capabilities among three amphibious sea snakes (Laticauda spp.) in Taiwan
Yuan-Cheng Cheng, Ming-Chung Tu, Jyuan-Ru Tsai, Hui-Chen Lin, Li-Yih Lin



Hotspot analysis of Taiwanese breeding birds to determine gaps in the protected area network
Tsai-Yu Wu, Bruno A Walther, Yi-Hsiu Chen, Ruey-Shing Lin, Pei-Fen Lee



Effects of metamorphosis timing and the larval growth rate on the latitudinal distribution of sympatric freshwater eels, Anguilla japonica and A. marmorata, in the western North Pacific
Nico Leander, Wann-Nian Tzeng, Nian-Tzu Yeh, Kang-Ning Shen, Yu-San Han



Mesozooplankton community structure in the upper 1,000 m along the western Bay of Bengal during the 2002 fall intermonsoon
Veronica Fernandes, Nagappa Ramaiah



Behaviour-dependent predation risk in swimming zooplankters
Marco Uttieri, Daniela Cianelli, Enrico Zambianchi



Specific dynamic action, postprandial thermophily, and the impact of temperature on gastric digestion in the cornsnake Pantherophis guttatus
Lynnette M Sievert, Yusuke Suita, Daphne M Mayes, Lynett R Bontrager, Michelle Tuttle, Ashley Everly



Ciliate (Euplotes sp.) predation by Pseudodiaptomus annandalei (Copepoda: Calanoida) and the effects of mono-algal and pluri-algal diets
Raunak Dhanker, Ram Kumar, Li-Chun Tseng, Jiang-Shiou Hwang



Low phylogeographic structure of Rhinella arunco (Anura: Bufonidae), an endemic amphibian from the Chilean Mediterranean hotspot
Dayana Vásquez, Claudio Correa, Luis Pastenes, R Palma, Marco A Méndez



Effect of male provisioning on the parental behavior of female Boreal Owls Aegolius funereus
Markéta Zárybnická, Jiří Vojar



The phylogeny of the Orthoptera (Insecta) as deduced from mitogenomic gene sequences
Hong-Li Zhang, Yuan Huang, Li-Liang Lin, Xiao-Yang Wang, Zhe-Min Zheng



Molecular analyses of shallow-water zooxanthellate zoanthids (Cnidaria: Hexacorallia) from Taiwan and their Symbiodinium spp
James Reimer, Yuka Irei, Takuma Fujii, Sung-Yin Yang



Palythoa zoanthid 'barrens’ in Okinawa: examination of possible environmental causes
Sung-Yin Yang, Carine Bourgeois, Carey Ashworth, James Reimer



Acropora distribution patterns in the northern and northeastern Persian Gulf
Mohammad Rahmani, Hassan Rahimian, Mahnaz Ardalan, Shashank Keshavmurthy, Silvia Fontana, Carden C Wallace, Chaolun Chen



Charipinae fauna (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from Asia with a description of 11 new species
Mar Ferrer-Suay, Jesús Selfa, Juli Pujade-Villar

*Simultaneously identical and durable hard copies were produced and available from national libraries in Taiwan



Transcriptional profiling of adult Drosophila antennae by high-throughput sequencing
Meng-Shin Shiao, Wen-Lang Fan, Shu Fang, Mei-Yeh Lu, Rumi Kondo, Wen-Hsiung Li



Locomotor performance of three sympatric species of sea kraits (Laticauda spp.) from Orchid Island, Taiwan
Shiuang Wang, Harvey B Lillywhite, Ming-Chung Tu



Effects of grazing by herbivorous gastropod (Trochus niloticus) on the survivorship of cultured coral spat
Ronald D Villanueva, Maria Vanessa B Baria, Dexter W dela Cruz



Molecular analysis for investigating dietary habits: genetic screening of prey items in scat and stomach contents of leopard cats Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus
Ohsun Lee, Sua Lee, Dong-Ha Nam, Hak Lee



Population and growth of queen conch (Lobatus gigas Linnaeus, 1758) in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve of Belize
Isani Chan, Li-Chun Tseng, Hans-Uwe Dahms, Jiang-Shiou Hwang



Local change of butterfly species in response to global warming and reforestation in Korea
Tae-Sung Kwon, Sung-Soo Kim, Cheol Lee



Genetic structure of Bufo bankorensis distinguished by amplified restriction fragment length polymorphism of cytochrome b
Chu-Chih Chen, Kou-Wei Li, Teng-Lang Yu, Li-Hsuen Chen, Pei-Yuan Sheu, Yi-Wen Tong, Kao-Jean Huang, Ching-Feng Weng



Influence of monsoon-driven hydrographic features on thaliacean distribution in waters around Taiwan, western North Pacific Ocean
Zhen-Heng Liao, Hung-Yen Hsieh, Wen-Tseng Lo



Hidden diversity in spring snails from the Andean Altiplano, the second highest plateau on Earth, and the Atacama Desert, the driest place in the world
Gonzalo A Collado, Moisés A Valladares, Marco A Méndez



Naupliar development of Pseudocyclops sp. (Copepoda: Calanoida: Pseudocyclopidae): description of an unusual set of character states
Frank D Ferrari, Hans-Uwe Dahms, Pawana Kangtia, Supawadee Chullasorn, Mark Schick



Impacts of red imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta on survivorship of hatchlings of the broad-snouted caiman Caiman latirostris
María V Marcó, Alejandro Larriera, Carlos I Piña



Nest site selection by the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius: is safety more important than food?
Rimvydas Juškaitis, Linas Balčiauskas, Vita Šiožinytė



Foraging guild structure and niche characteristics of waterbirds in an epicontinental lake in Mexico
María Pérez-Crespo, Juanita Fonseca, Rubén Pineda-López, Eduardo Palacios, Carlos Lara



The phylogenetic position of the enigmatic Atlantic forest-endemic spiny mouse Abrawayaomys (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae)
Karen Ventura, Maria Silva, Lena Geise, Yuri LR Leite, Ulyses FJ Pardiñas, Yatiyo Yonenaga-Yassuda, Guillermo D'Elía



Feeding spectra of bivalve mollusks Unio and Dreissena from Kanevskoe Reservoir, Ukraine: are they food competitors or not?
Olesia N Makhutova, Alexander A Protasov, Michail I Gladyshev, Anzhelika A Sylaieva, Nadezhda N Sushchik, Irina A Morozovskaya, Galina S Kalachova



An autoregressive model for global vertebrate richness rankings: long-distance dispersers may have stronger spatial structures
Youhua Chena



Revision of the worm eel genus Neenchelys (Ophichthidae: Myrophinae), with descriptions of three new species from the western Pacific Ocean
Hsuan-Ching Ho, John E McCosker, David G Smith

*Simultaneously identical and durable hard copies were produced and available from national libraries in Taiwan



Evolutionary history of Nile perch Lates sp. inferred from mitochondrial DNA variation analyses
Matthew Mwanja, Vincent Muwanika, Charles Masembe, Sylvester Nyakaana, Wilson Mwanja



Pattern of chromosomal changes in ‘beta’ Anolis (Norops group) (Squamata: Polychrotidae) depicted by an ancestral state analysis
Riccardo Castiglia, Oscar Flores-Villela, Alexandra Maria Bezerra, Antonio Muñoz, Ekaterina Gornung