Zoological Studies

Vol. 36 No. 2, 1997

Twelve New Records and Two Rare Species of Marine Gobioids from Taiwan

I-Shiung Chen*, Jeng-Ping Chen and Kwang-Tsao Shao**

Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115, R.O.C. Tel: 886-2-7899545, Fax: 886-2-7883463, E-mail: zoskt@gate.sinica.edu.tw

I-Shiung Chen, Jeng-Ping Chen and Kwang-Tsao Shao (1997) Twelve new records and two rare species of marine gobioids from Taiwan. Zoological Studies 36(2): 127-135. We report 12 new records of marine gobioid fishes from Taiwan, including 11 species of Gobiidae: Amblygobius nocturnus (Herre, 1945); Aster­ropteryx spinosus (Goren, 1981); Eviota sebreei Jordan and Seale, 1906; Fusigobius duospilus Hoese and Reader, 1985; Gobiodon fulvus Herre, 1927; Gobiodon unicolor (Castenlnau, 1873); Mahidolia mystacina (Valenciennes, 1837); Trimma grammistes (Tomiyama, 1936); Trimma okinawae (Aoyagi, 1949); Valenciennea muralis (Valenciennes, 1837), and Valenciennea puellaris (Tomiyama, 1956); and 1 species of Microdesmidae: Parioglossus tormosus (Smith, 1931). Among these, Mahidolia Smith, 1932 is a new record of this genus from Taiwan. Additionally, we confirm the presence of 2 other gobiids in Taiwan: Barbuligobius boehlkei Lachner and Mckinney, 1974 and Eviota saipanensis Fowler, 1945. Diagnostic characters, distribution, remarks, and color photos of each species are given.

Key words: Fish fauna, Fish taxonomy, Gobiidae, Microdesmidae.

*Correspondence: *Present address: School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1UG, UK.