Zoological Studies

Vol. 47 No. 6, 2008

A New Species of Halicmetus (Lophiiformes: Ogcocephalidae) from the Western Pacific, with Comments on Congeners

Hsuan-Ching Ho1,2,*, Hiromitsu Endo3, and Kazunobu Sakamaki4

1Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University, 2 Peining Rd., Keelung 202, Taiwan
2Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, 128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Taipei 115, Taiwan
3Laboratory of Marine Biology, Faculty of Science, Kochi University, 2-5-1Akebono-cho, Kochi 780-8520, Japan   E-mail:endoh@kochi-u.ac.jp
4Civil Engineering and Eco-technology Consultants Co., Ltd., 2-23-2 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan

Hsuan-Ching Ho, Hiromitsu Endo, and Kazunobu Sakamaki (2008) Halicmetus nigra sp. nov. is described on the basis of 32 specimens collected from the western Pacific off Japan, Taiwan, and Australia at depths of 280-1000 m.  The new species differs from its congeners in the body surface being uniform gray to black; the rostrum extending anteriorly, slightly overhanging the mouth; a black band on each fin or fins entirely black; and in differences of morphometrics and squamation.  Two species also recognized from the western Pacific are H. reticulatus and H. cf. ruber.  Morphological data for nominal species in Halicmetus are provided for comparison with the new species.

Key words: Ogcocephalidae, Batfish, Taxonomy, New species, Halicmetus nigra.

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