Zoological Studies

Vol. 37 No. 2, 1998

Shallow-water Echinoderms of Taiping Island in the South China Sea

Ming-Shiou Jeng

Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Ming-Shiou Jeng (1998)  Scuba diving investigations in the reef area around Taiping Island (Itu-Aba Island) found 39 species of 17 families of echinoderms to 40 m depth from 7 survey sites. The echinoderm species, including 5 Crinoidea, 8 Asteroidea, 7 Ophiuroidea, 6 Echinoidea, and 13 Holothuroidea, recorded for the 1st time in this area. Color photographs are given for the 34 species in their natural habitats. Synaptula lamperti, Thelenota rubralineata, and Ophiomyxa sp. are new records from the South China Sea.

Key words: Echinoderm, Taiping Island, South China Sea.

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