Zoological Studies

Vol. 37 No. 4, 1998

The Genus Pammene Hübner (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) from Korea, with Descriptions of Two New Species

Yang-Seop Bae1,* and Kyu-Tek Park2

1Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, University of Inchon, Inchon 402-749, Korea
2Center for Insect Systematics, Kangwon National University, Chunchon 200-701, Korea

Yang-Seop Bae and Kyu-Tek Park (1998) Nine species of the genus Pammene Hübner are recognized from Korea. Among them, 2 new species, P. (Pammene) blanda and P. (P.) soyoensis, are described, and 5 species, P. (P.) ignorata Kuznetsov, P. (P.) germmana (Hübner), P. (P.) adusta Kuznetsov, P. (P.) shicotanica Kuznetsov, and P. (P.) sp. are newly recorded from Korea. Keys to all known species of the genus, based on the external and male genitalia characters are provided. Illustrations of adults, male abdominal scent organs, and genitalia of both sexes are given. All available host plants are listed.

Key words: Taxonomy, Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, Pammene, Korea.

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