Zoological Studies

Vol. 38 No. 1, 1999

A Review of the Carangid Fishes (Family Carangidae) from Taiwan with Descriptions of Four New Records

Pai-Lei Lin and Kwang- Tsao Shao*

Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan 115

Pai-Lei Lin and Kwang- Tsao Shao (1999) This paper reports on 54 species belonging to 22 genera and 4 subfamilies of the family Carangidae collected from waters around Taiwan. The following 4 species are new records for Taiwan: Carangoides gymnostethus, C. talamparoides, Caranx bucculentus, and Trachinotus anak. Literature records of Trachurus declivis from Taiwan were based solely on misidentifications of T. japonicus. The following additional 8 carangids are valid species previously reported from Taiwan, but we have examined no museum specimens to confirm these records. To facilitate identification of these species, we include them in our keys but do not otherwise treat them here. They are Carangoides bajad, C. plagiotaenia, Oecapterus muroadsi, Alepes melanoptera, "A." kleinii, Selar boops, Seriola quinqueradiatas, and S. lelendi. Although we have examined fish market specimens of Carangoides humerosus and Ulua aurochs, they were probably caught from some far-sea fishing port and not in waters around Taiwan. Therefore we provisionally exclude them from our final list. Previous literature records of carangids based on misidentifications or improper use of junior synonyms are corrected in the paper. Keys, diagnoses, remarks, and color photographs of each species are given in this paper.

Key words: Carangid fishes, Scads, Jacks, Fish fauna, Taiwan.

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