Zoological Studies

Vol. 39 No. 1, 2000

Xyrichtys trivittatus, a New Species of Razorfish (Perciformes: Labridae) from Hong Kong and Taiwan

John E. Randall1,* and Andrew S. Cornish2

1Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-2704, USA
2Department of Ecology and Biodiversity, University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam Rd., Hong Kong, China

John E. Randall and Andrew S. Cornish (2000) Xyrichtys trivittatus is described as a new species of razorfish from 1 male specimen from Hong Kong and 1 male specimen from Taiwan. It is distinct in having the 1st 2 dorsal spines separated by a notch in the membrane, the spines not higher than the longest dorsal rays; a broad column of small scales extending ventrally from the eye to below the corner of the mouth; 15- 16 gill rakers; and 3 blackish bars on the upper half of the body.

Key words: Taxonomy, Xyrichtys, Labridae, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

*Correspondence: E-mail: jackr@hi.net