Zoological Studies

Vol. 39 No. 1, 2000

Phylogeographic Variation in Mitochondrial DNA of Formosan White-bellied Rat Niviventer culturatus

Fu-Hsiung Hsu1,*, Fei-Jann Lin2 and Yao-Sung Lin3

1Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Chichi, Nantou, Taiwan 552
2Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan 115
3Department of Zoology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 106

Fu-Hsiung Hsu, Fei-Jann Lin and Yao-Sung Lin (2000) Phylogeographic variation in mtDNA of the Formosan white-bellied rat Niviventer culturatus (Muridae) was studied by the PCR-RFLP method, using 128 individuals from 20 locations throughout its distribution range in Taiwan. Restriction fragment polymorphisms represented by the CYTb/DL (2800 bp) and 12S/16S (1900 bp) fragments were assayed by 13 restriction endonucleases. Totally, 25 mtDNA haplotypes were observed. The sequence divergence between all pairs of haplotypes ranged between 0.32% and 2.63%. The amount of within-locality nucleotide diversity was estimated to be from 0% to 0.69%. Pairwise analysis of net nucleotide divergence between locations ranged between -0.08% and 1.71%. There was little phylogeographic patterning among the haplotypes, and most of them were found within a single location or associated with nearby locations, except for some widespread haplotypes. The results suggest that population differentiation in the Formosan white-bellied rat is minor, probably due to historical vicariance events and a high level of gene flow.

Key words: Phylogeographic variation, Restriction endonuclease, Haplotype, Niviventer culturatus.

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