Zoological Studies

Vol. 39 No. 2, 2000

The Spider Family Theridiidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Orchid Island, Taiwan: Descriptions of Six New and One Newly Recorded Species

Hajime Yoshida1,*, I-Min Tso2,3 and Lucia Liu Severinghaus3

17-16, Kagota 2 Chome, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata 990-2484, Japan
2Department of Biology, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan 407
3Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan 115

Hajime Yoshida, I-Min Tso and Lucia Liu Severinghaus (2000) From a preliminary spider fauna investigation conducted in 1993 and 1997 on Orchid Island, Taiwan, 17 species of the spider family Theridiidae are recorded. Six of them are described as new species under the names, Argyrodes nigroris, Chrosiothes fulvus, Chrosiothes taiwan, Chrysso orchis, Achaearanea lanyuensis, and Achaearanea quadrimaculata. Theridion xianfengensis Zhu and Song, 1992 is recorded for the first time from Taiwan. This paper describes the external morphology of these 7 new/new record species and reports the synonymies and distribution records of the other 10 theridiid species.

Key words: Spider fauna, New species, Orchid Island, Theridiidae.

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