Zoological Studies

Vol. 40 No. 4, 2001

Two New Species of Catantopidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) from Guangxi, China

Zhemin Zheng* and Kai Li

Institute of Zoology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xian 710062, China

Zhemin Zheng and Kai Li (2001) This paper reports on 2 new species of Catantopidae, Oxya maoershanensis sp. nov. and Caryanda damingshana sp. nov., collected from the Maoer Mountains and Daming Mountains in Guangxi, China. Type specimens are deposited at the Institute of Zoology, Shaanxi Normal Univ., Xian, China.

Key words: Grasshopper, New species, China.

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