Zoological Studies

Vol. 43 No. 4, 2004

Density and Diversity of Litter Amphibians in a Monsoon Forest of Southern Taiwan

Ching-Yu Huang and Ping-Chun Lucy Hou*

Department of Biology, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan 701

Ching-Yu Huang and Ping-Chun Lucy Hou (2004) In this study, we examined the density and diversity of litter amphibians in a monsoon forest of southern Taiwan. We conducted bimonthly surveys in 2001 in a wind-exposed and in a creek (wind-shielded) site in Nanjenshan Nature Reserve using the quadrat (5 x 5 m in size) method. Our results showed that the mean density of litter amphibians for the entire year at the creek site (10.24 individuals (ind.)/100 m2) was higher than that in the wind-exposed site (3.5 ind./100 m2), and the compositions of litter amphibians at the 2 sites also significantly differed. The creek site was dominated by Rana latouchii and Microhyla heymonsi, while the population of the wind-exposed site was mainly composed of Bufo bankorensis, R. latouchii, and Chirixalus eiffingeri. Juvenile frogs constituted 52% and 46% of the litter amphibians in the creek and wind-exposed sites, respectively. In conclusion, the distribution of litter amphibians is highly heterogeneous in the monsoon forest.

Key words: Frog community, Nanjenshan, Subtropical rainforest.

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