Zoological Studies

Vol. 48 No. 4, 2009

Labidocera Species (Copepoda: Pontellidae) in Waters of the Tsushima Warm Current with Notes on Their Genital Structure and Zoogeography

Hyeon Gyeong Jeong1, Hae-Lip Suh1, Sun Beom Jeong2, Yang Ho Yoon2, and Ho Young Soh2,*

1Department of Oceanography, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, Korea
2Division of Marine Technology, Chonnam National University, Yeosu, Jeonnam 550-749, Korea

Hyeon Gyeong Jeong, Hae-Lip Suh, Sun Beom Jeong, Yang Ho Yoon, and Ho Young Soh (2009) Neustonic calanoid copepods were collected monthly between Apr. 2002 and Mar. 2003 in the northeastern area of the East China Sea.  Seven species of the genus Labidocera Lubbock were identified, 5 of which were found in the months of Aug. to Oct. when the Tsushima Warm Current flows strongly into the East Sea (Sea of Japan).  Of these, we redescribe 4 species, L. acutifrons (Dana), L. detruncata (Dana), L. kröyeri (Brady), and L. minuta Giesbrecht and describe the female external genitalia and their zoogeography.

Key words: Redescription, Female external genital structure, Neustonic copepods, East China Sea.

*Correspondence: Tel: 82-61-6593191.  Fax: 82-61-6593199.  E-mail:hysoh@chonnam.ac.kr