Zoological Studies

Vol. 51 No. 1, 2012

Pseudosiderastrea formosa sp. nov. (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Scleractinia) a New Coral Species Endemic to Taiwan

Michel Pichon1, Yao-Yang Chuang2,3, and Chaolun Allen Chen2,3,4,*

1Museum of Tropical Queensland, 70-102 Flinders Street, Townsville 4810, Australia
2Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Nangang, Taipei 115, Taiwan
3Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan Univ., Taipei 106, Taiwan
4Institute of Life Science, National Taitung Univ., Taitung 904, Taiwan

Michel Pichon, Yao-Yang Chuang, and Chaolun Allen Chen (2012) Pseudosiderastrea formosa sp. nov. is a new siderastreid scleractinian coral collected in several localities in Taiwan. It lives on rocky substrates where it forms encrusting colonies. Results of morphological observations and molecular genetic analyses are presented. The new species is described and compared to P. tayamai and Siderastrea savignyana, and its morphological and phylogenic affinities are discussed.

Key words: Pseudosiderastrea formosa sp. nov., New species, Scleractinia, Siderastreid, Western Pacific Ocean.

*Correspondence: E-mail:michel.pichon@bigpond.com; cac@gate.sinica.edu.tw