Zoological Studies

Vol. 57, 2018

(update: 2018.04.23; 05.04) 

A Revision of Taiwanese Species in the Genus Psammoecus Latreille (Coleoptera, Silvanidae)

Takahiro Yoshida1,*, Michael Karner2, and Toshiya Hirowatari3


1Entomological Laboratory, Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, 812-8581 Japan
2Voluntary Scientist, Sektion Entomologie I, Senckenbergisches Naturforschendes Institut, Senckenberganlage 25, D-60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
3Entomological Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, 812-8581 Japan

(Received 10 October 2017; Accepted 3 April 2018; Communicated by Chiun-Cheng Ko)

Takahiro Yoshida, Michael Karner, and Toshiya Hirowatari (2018) This study revises the taxonomy of Taiwanese species in the genus Psammoecus Latreille, 1829. A new species, P. taiwanensis sp. nov., is described, and six species from Taiwan are recoded for the first time: P. harmandi, Grouvelle, 1912, P. dentatus Grouvelle, 1883, P. trimaculatus Motschulsky, 1858, P. triguttatus Reitter, 1874, P. labyrinthicus Yoshida and Hirowatari, 2014 and P. hiranoi Yoshida and Hirowatari, 2013. The following taxonomic synonyms are proposed: P. delicatus Grouvelle, 1908 = P. x-notatus Grouvelle, 1912 syn. nov. = P. nitidior Grouvelle, 1919 syn. nov. = P. raffrayi Grouvelle, 1919 syn. nov.; P. harmandi, Grouvelle, 1912 = P. boreas Yoshida and Hirowatari, 2014 syn. nov.; P. dentatus Grouvelle, 1883 = P. scitus Yoshida and Hirowatari, 2014 syn. nov.; P. simonis Grouvelle, 1892 = P. stultus Grouvelle, 1912 syn. nov. A key to Taiwanese Psammoecus species, a redescription of P. delicatus, and notes on the variability of P. harmandi are provided.

Key words: Taxonomy, Cucujoidea, New species, Synonymy, Taxonomic key.

*Correspondence: E-mail: yoshida_toritoma@yahoo.co.jp