Zoological Studies

Vol. 58, 2019

(update: 2019.05.27; 07.12)

Review of Dragon Millipedes (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae) in the Fauna of Vietnam, with Descriptions of Three New Species

Anh D. Nguyen1,2,*, Manh-Ha Nguyen3, Thu-Anh T. Nguyen1, and Hong-Luong T. Phung1


1Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, 18, Hoangquocviet Rd., Hanoi, Vietnam. *Correspondence:ducanh410@yahoo.com or ducanh@iebr.ac.vn
2Graduate University of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, 18, Hoangquocviet Rd., Hanoi, Vietnam
3Vinh Phuc Gifted High School, Chu Van An Str., Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam

Received 30 January 2019 / Accepted 24 May 2019
Communicated by Benny K.K. Chan

The genus Hylomus Cook & Loomis, 1924 is reviewed from Vietnam, with 13 recorded species. Of these, three are described as new, H. songoku sp. nov. from Xuan Son National Park, H. namek sp. nov. from Cuc Phuong National Park, and H. saiyans sp. nov. from Vinh Phuc and Ha Giang Provinces. The new species, H. songoku sp. nov., is distinguished by gonopod solenophore with rounded lobuliform lamina medialis, and well-developed lamina lateralis with a densely setose area; tip of gonopod tuberculiform. H. namek sp. nov. is separated from its congeners by its gonopod femorite being short, parallel-sided, slightly constricted at the middle; tip of gonopod rounded; and lastly, H. saiyans sp. nov. is diagnosable by its gonopod femorite being long and enlarged distally, postfemoral region short, tip bilobuled. The relationship among Hylomus species from Vietnam was analyzed using a fragment of the 16S rRNA mitochondrial gene. The analysis supports the monophyly of the genus Hylomus. It is recommended that more Hylomus species be added in the analysis to better clarify the phylogenetic relationships in the genus.

Key words: Dragon millipedes, Diplopoda, New species, Phylogeny, Vietnam.

Citation: Nguyen AD, Nguyen MH, Nguyen TT, Phung HT. 2019. Review of dragon millipedes (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae) in the fauna of Vietnam, with descriptions of three new species. Zool Stud 58:14. doi:10.6620/ZS.2019.58-14.