Zoological Studies

Vol. 61, 2022

(update: 2022.8.15)

Descriptive Morphology of Male and Female Genitalia of the Long-horned Grasshopper in the Tribe Aphractini (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), with a Key to the Genera

Alejandro A. Vera1,* and Paula Prelo1,*

1Departamento de Biología, Facultad de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación, Chile. *Correspondence: E-mail: alejandro.vera@umce.cl (Vera).
E-mail: paulaprelo@gmail.com (Prelo)

Received 12 August 2020 / Accepted 4 May 2022
Communicated by Benny K.K. Chan

The male and female genital morphologies of the tribe Aphractini are presented in this study. Four species are included: Aphractus acuminatus, Paraphractus abbreviatus, Polycleptidella chilensis and Polycleptis scutellifera. A dichotomous key to the genera is provided. The lengths between the female spermathecal duct and titillatory articulated processes are similar within species but differ between them. Therefore, we
propose that the function of these organs could be associated with the sperm removal strategy.

Key words: Pseudophyllinae, Sexual selection, South America, Taxonomy.

Citation: Vera AA, Prelo P. 2022. Descriptive morphology of male and female genitalia of the long-horned grasshopper in the tribe Aphractini(Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), with a key to the genera. Zool Stud 61:37. doi:10.6620/ZS.2022.61-37.