Zoological Studies

Vol. 62, 2023

(update: 2023.1.1)

Terelabrus toretore sp. nov. (Perciformes: Labridae), a New Species of Striped Hogfish from Tahiti, with Range Extensions for Two Congeners

Bart Shepherd1,*, Hudson T. Pinheiro2,3, Tyler A. Y. Phelps2, Gilles Siu4, and Luiz A. Rocha2

1Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA. *Correspondence: bshepherd@calacademy.org (Shepherd)
2Department of Ichthyology, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA. E-mail: htpinheiro@gmail.com (Pinheiro); tylerayphelps@gmail.com (Phelps); lrocha@calacademy.org (Rocha)
3Center for Marine Biology, University of São Paulo, São Sebastião, SP 11612-109, Brazil
4PSL Research University, EPHE-UPVD-CNRS, USR 3278 CRIOBE, Laboratoire d’Excellence “Corail”, BP 1013, 98729 Papetoai, Moorea, French Polynesia. E-mail: gilles.siu@criobe.pf (Siu)

(Received 3 August 2022 / Accepted 14 December 2022 / Published 31 March 2023)
Communicated by Felipe Ottoni

A new labrid fish, Terelabrus toretore sp. nov., the fifth species within the genus, is herein described from two specimens collected at a depth of 140 m from a mesophotic coral ecosystem in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Terelabrus toretore sp. nov. is characterized by having 43–44 scaled rows in longitudinal series; 42 pored lateral-line scales; 5+10 gill rakers; 10 scale rows below the lateral line; 8 posterior branches on the main supratemporal sensory canal; a relatively long snout (snout length 9.6–9.7% SL), and a coloration consisting of a yellow caudal fin and a wide, red, mid-lateral stripe with no blotching, the space above which is white anteriorly, becoming predominantly yellow from beneath the dorsal fin to the caudal peduncle. In addition to describing this new species, we document the first record of Terelabrus rubrovittatus from the Republic of Marshall Islands, and the first record of Terelabrus zonalis from Australia, along with the first description of its coloration. We present a molecular phylogeny of the genus based upon mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) DNA sequences.

Key words: Biogeography, Ichthyology, Mesophotic coral ecosystems, Taxonomy, Teleostei.

Citation: Shepherd B, Pinheiro HT, Phelps TAY, Siu G, Rocha LA. 2023. Terelabrus toretore sp. nov. (Perciformes: Labridae), a new species of striped hogfish from Tahiti, with range extensions for two congeners. Zool Stud 62:08. doi:10.6620/ZS.2023.62-08.