New Scale Worm Polychaete from Mississippi Sound, Gulf of Mexico

Kristianides cylindricum Salazar-Silva, 2020 a new species with ventral lamellae is described from the Mississippi Sound, Gulf of Mexico in shallow waters. Kristianides nov gen. constitutes the fourth genus of Eulagiscinae, and the new species, the first with ventral lamellae in this subfamily. Kristianides cylindricum sp. nov. can be distinguished by: prostomium with short antennae and thick ceratophores, 2) elytra with long papillae and macrotubercles, 3) Notopodia and neuropodia with projected pointed acicular lobe. In polynoids of hydrothermal vents both, ventral lamellae and long nephridial papillae have been associated with sexual dimorphism of males. In polynoids of shallow water the function of the lamellae is unknown.
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