Chromosome Study on Small Spiders

Our study focuses on the neglected group of the small spiders (less than 1 cm in body length), mainly from leaf litter, describing the first chromosomal data in two families (Palpimanidae and Theridiosomatidae), as well as new cytogenetic data on other six families (Corinnidae, Linyphiidae, Oonopidae, Theridiidae, Trachelidae and Zodariidae), in a total of 12 species. The main findings: 1) support an hypothesis on ancestral karyotype of Zodariidae and Oonopidae; 2) reveal a relatively high chromosome number in Palpimanidae that supports an idea on relatively high ancestral chromosome number (2n♂ = 42) of entelegyne spiders (Palpimanoidea is sister group of entelegyne spiders); 3) show that the karyotype found in Theridiosomatidae is exceptional within the Araneoidea.

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