Compliance with Ethics Guidelines
Zoological Studies
requires authors to declare any conflicts of interest and give statements on human and animal rights and informed consent in their cover letter during submission.
These statements will be published in the paper after the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Authors’ contributions

Authors’ individual contributions to the manuscript should be specified in this section.
Example: JWL and PLS designed the study, performed the statistical analyses, and wrote the manuscript.
HCW developed the parasite protocols. HYL and PLS performed the field work. HYL and HCW analyzed the specimen.
All authors participated in revising the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

Competing interests

Authors must declare all relationships or interests from the work conducted in the manuscript. The conflict of interest statement should list each author separately by name:
    LT declares that she has no conflict of interest.
    LW has received research grants from the MOST, Taiwan.
If multiple authors declare no conflict, please write the following sentence:
    LT and LW declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Availability of data and materials

Authors should fill in the “Availability of data and materials” section concerning the data involved in the paper to be available to readers.
Zoological Studies recommends that the key datasets of the manuscript be either deposited in publicly available repositories (e.g., Genbank for DNA sequences data) or presented as supplementary data in computer reader format (e.g., excel, doc, or pdf formats). If authors do not want to open up their data, please state the reason in this section.

Consent for publication

Papers involving personal data in any form must obtain consent to publish from that person (parent/legal guardian for data involving individuals <18 years old).
Please state “Not applicable” in this section if the paper does not include any personal data.

Ethics approval consent to participate

For all research procedures conducted in the manuscript involving human subjects or laboratory animals, authors must declare that they have followed the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human or laboratory animal experimentation (institutional and national – please include the name of the ethics committee).
For studies that do not contain studies with human or laboratory animal subjects, please state “Not applicable” in this section.