Zoological Studies increases its impact factor, offers accessibility to authors and readers

Zoological Studies’ impact factor increased this year from 0.886 to 1.008. The international journal focuses on studies in five zoological fields: animal behavior, comparative physiology, evolution, ecology, and systematics and biogeography.

ZS is an open access journal with no page charges for authors. This means that anyone can access articles for free and authors do not have to pay for their articles to be published.

“I hear many scientists asking if they can get published in a journal for free. The answer is often yes, but many of these journals are not open access,” said Dr. Benny K.K. Chan, editor-in-chief of ZS. “Our journal being open access and free of page charges is a big selling point to invite peoples’ submissions.” Dr. Chan became EIC in October, 2016 and hopes the increase in impact factor will attract quality submissions from researchers who do important work in zoological fields, but lack the funds for page fees that many journals have.

The journal is independent and supported by the Biodiversity Research Center at Academia Sinica, Taiwan. It is backed by co-editors-in-chiefs Drs. Sen-Lin Tang and Daryi Wang, along with 25 associate editors from 6 countries and 13 institutions, who have expertise in the five fields ZS focuses in. Zoological Studies was founded in 1994 and has been entirely online since 2013.

“It has been a well-known, nonprofitable, traditionally recognized international journal.” said co-EIC Sen-Lin Tang, “We welcome all submissions related to Zoological studies.”

Journal website: http://zoolstud.sinica.edu.tw

Submit a manuscript here: http://zoolstud.iis.sinica.edu.tw

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