A Common Croaker Species, but be Ignored for Years

Johnius taiwanensis is a newly described species from the Family Sciaenidae (Perciformes), and commonly found in shallow coastal waters along both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Researchers mainly from Xiamen University further investigated its reproductive biology using gonadosomatic index and gonad histology analyses, and documented its spawning season, minimum sizes for female and male maturity, and the sizes at 50% maturity. The evidences of hydrated oocytes, sometimes with post-ovulatory follicles, observed in female ovaries further help us identify its spawning grounds, which confirmed to be associated with estuarine habitats. The peak spawning season of J. taiwanensis was in July-September for females. Therefore, the species can be partly protected under the current Chinese domestic marine fishery management measures, i.e. the fishing moratorium in 1st May-16th August, adjusted slightly with different fishing gears.

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