Zoological Studies 

Vol. 51 No. 8, 2012


(update: 2017/12/06)

Paper Title

Diving as an Anti-Predator Behavior in Mosquito Pupae
A.K. Awasthi, C.H. Wu, and J.S. Hwang
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Postnatal Growth and Wing Development in Kuhl's Pipistrelle Pipistrellus kuhlii (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Captivity
M. Sharifi, S. Vaissi, H. Javanbakht, and V. Akmali
AbstractPDF (1.47MB)
Proteomic Studies of Various Organs and Tissues of the Frilled Shark Chlamydoselachus anguineus
F.M.A.H.S. Stekhoven, T.H. Lee, P.J. Wang, N.H. Jang-Liaw, S. Tanaka, and A.R. Bottrill
AbstractPDF (836KB)
Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR): An Apical Marker Protein of Ionocytes for Identifying Hypo-osmoregulation in Gills of the Euryhaline Medaka Oryzias dancena
C.K. Kang, S.C. Tsai, S.T. Lin, W.Y. Lo, T.H. Lee, and P.P. Hwang
AbstractPDF (1.39MB)
Homeostasis of Circulating Androgen Levels in the Breeding Male Three-spined Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus
Y.T. Shao, R.W. Schulz, and B. Borg
AbstractPDF (937KB)
Respiratory Burst Activity in Head Kidney and Spleen Leukocytes of Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) under Acute Osmotic Stress
B.K. Velmurugan, I.F. Jiang, H.Y. Shih, D.N. Lee, and C.F. Weng
AbstractPDF (898KB)

Reef-Scale Assessment of Intertidal Large Benthic Foraminifera Populations on One Tree Island, Great Barrier Reef and Their Future Carbonate Production Potential in a Warming Ocean
S.S. Doo, S. Hamylton, and M. Byrne
AbstractPDF (1.22MB)
Grazing Pressure by Ciliates on the Nanoflagellate Community in a Subtropical Pelagic Continental Shelf Ecosystem: Small Ciliates (of < 45 μm) are Major Consumers of the Nanoflagellate Community
J.Y. Chen, A.Y. Tsai, G.C. Gong, and K.P. Chiang
AbstractPDF (1.31MB)
Effects of Acidified Seawater on the Skeletal Structure of a Scleractinian Coral from Evidence Identified by SEM
I. Chan, S.H. Peng, C.F. Chang, J.J. Hung, and J.S. Hwang
AbstractPDF (1.91MB)
Bacterial Distribution in the Epidermis and Mucus of the Coral Euphyllia glabrescens by CARD-FISH
H.H. Chiu, A. Mette, J.H. Shiu, and S.L. Tang
AbstractPDF (1.41MB)
Temporal and Spatial Variations in Symbiont Communities of Catch Bowl Coral Isopora palifera (Scleractinia: Acroporidae) on Reefs in Kenting National Park, Taiwan
C.M. Hsu, S. Keshavmurthy, V. Denis, C.Y. Kuo, J.T. Wang, P.J. Meng, and C.A. Chen
AbstractPDF (1.14MB)
Siphonophores from a Transect off Southern Taiwan between the Kuroshio Current and South China Sea
W.T. Lo, P.R. Kang, and H.Y. Hsieh
AbstractPDF (KB)
Differences in Alpha and Beta Diversities of Epigeous Arthropod Assemblages in Two Ecoregions of Northwestern Argentina
A.X. González Reyes, J.A. Corronca, and N.C. Arroyo
AbstractPDF (KB)
Seasonal Succession of Planktonic Copepods in Bight Environments of Northeastern Taiwan
C. Chou, L.C. Tseng, C.H. Ou, Q.C. Chen, and J.S. Hwang
AbstractPDF (1.36MB)
Ecological Checklist of the Marine and Brackish-Water Harpacticoid Copepod Fauna in Korean Waters
S.J. Song, J. Park, B.O. Kwon, J. Ryu, and J.S. Khim
AbstractPDF (954KB)
Species Diversity of Ticks (Acari: Ixodida) on Migrating Birds on the Baltic Sea Coast of Poland
M. Nowak-Chmura, K. Siuda, Z. Wegner, and K. Piksa
AbstractPDF (755KB)
Spatial Variations in Water Beetle Communities in Arid and Semi-Arid Patagonian Wetlands and Their Value as Environmental Indicators
L.B. Epele and M. Archangelsky
AbstractPDF (1.30MB)
Pupal Color Polyphenism Regulated by Temperature and Photoperiod in the Asian Comma Butterfly, Polygonia c-aureum (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)
A. Yamanaka, A. Tanaka, and C. Kitazawa
AbstractPDF (740KB)
Evaluation of the Predatory Effects of an Introduced Fish, Culter alburnus, on the Fish Community in a Small Stream of Northern Taiwan
Y.W. Chiu, C.W. Tso, B.S. Shieh, C.C. Liu, Y.S. Lin, and S.H. Liang
AbstractPDF (1.03MB)
Spatial Variation in the Spawning Season of Bluegill Lepomis macrochirus in Lake Biwa, Japan
Y. Yamamoto and F.K. Shiah
AbstractPDF (1.11MB)
Community Structure of Helminth Parasites of Leptodactylus bufonius (Anura: Leptodactylidae) from Northeastern Argentina
M.I. Hamann, A.I. Kehr, and C.E. González
AbstractPDF (788KB)
Effects of Habitat Quality on the Number of Alloparents and Nest Provisioning Rates in a Cooperatively Breeding Tropical Passerine
P. Wonkson, T. Savini, and G.A. Gale
AbstractPDF (794KB)
Sperm of the Solitary Coral Ctenactis echinata Exhibit Longer Telomeres than that of Somatic Tissues
M.C. Ojimi, Y. Loya, and M. Hidaka
AbstractPDF (855KB)
24 Morphogenesis of Adult Traits during the Early Development of Mespilia globulus Linnaeus, 1758 (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)
C. Kitazawa, C. Kobayashi, M. Kasahara, Y. Takuwa, and A. Yamanaka
AbstractPDF (1.18MB)

Morphological Variations in the Scleral Ossicles of 172 Families of Actinopterygian Fishes with Notes on their Phylogenetic Implications
H.k. Mok and S.H. Liu
AbstractPDF (0.98KB)
Inheritance of Microsatellite Loci and Their Alication for Pedigree Analysis of the Polyploid Persian Sturgeon Acipenser persicus (Acipenseridae)
M. Moghim, S.G. Tan, A. Javanmard, M. Pourkazemi, and J.M. Panandam
AbstractPDF (736KB)
Assessment of Lineal Versus Landmark-Based Morphometry for Discriminating Species of Mugilidae (Actinopterygii)
M. González-Castro, A.L. Ibáñez, S. Heras, M.I. Roldán, and M.B. Cousseau
AbstractPDF (1.24MB)
Diversity, Distribution, and Molecular Systematics of Octocorals (Coelenterata: Anthozoa) of the Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan
Y. Benayahu, L.P. van Ofwegen, C.f. Dai, M.S. Jeng, K. Soong, A. Shlagman, H.J. Hsieh, and C.S. McFadden
AbstractPDF (273KB)
The North American Continental Copepods in Chauis’ Legacy and Redescription of Three Species of the Genus Moraria T. & A. Scott 1893 (Crustacea: Copepoda: Harpacticoida)
F. Fiers and O.T. Moldovan
AbstractPDF (1.95MB)