Zoological Studies 

Vol. 34, Supplement I, 1995


(updated: 2017/11/15)

Focus on Microscopy '95 (立體顯微科技)
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Paper Title
3D Electron Microscopy of Cells and Organelles by High-voltage EM, Tomography, and Stereopair Analysis
Michael Marko
PDF (648KB)
Confocal Microscopy of Cyanobacteria in Calcite Speleothems
Guy Cox, Anya Salih, Julia James and Bill Allaway
PDF (409KB)
Three-dimensional Imaging Approaches and Monte Carlo Simulations: Development of Tools to Studythe Morphology and Distribution of Chromosome Territories and Subchromosomal Targets in Human Cell Nuclei
Roland Eils, Kaan Saracoglu, Christian Münkel, Jorg Imhoff, Kurt Sätzler, Etienne Bertin, Steffen Dietzel, Evelin Schröck, Thomas Ried, Thomas Cremer and Christoph Cremer
PDF (1.12MB)
High Resolution TEM and Energy Filtering TEM Study of Internal Structure and Composition Distribution in Materials
Fu-Rong Chen, L. Chang and J. Y. Wang
PDF (355KB)
Three Di265mensional Analysis of Sea Urchin Mitotic Apparatus with SFP Method
Michio Abe285
PDF (265KB)
Generation and Deconvolution of 3-D Voxel Cubes with Leica DM and Optimas
Volker Tympel
PDF (285KB)
Electrofusion of Plant Protoplasts and Three Dimensional Network of Actin Filaments Observed with Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy
Mieko Taniguchi, Naoya Suzuki, Tatuo AriF and Takeshi Tangiuchi
PDF (223KB)
Measurement of Distances in Three-dimensional Dual-colour Confocal Images
Erik M.M. Manders, R. Hoebe, J. Strackee, A.M. VossepoeP and J.A. Aten
PDF (375KB)
Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization on Human Metaphase Chromosomes Detected by Near-field Microscopy
M.H.P. Moers, A.G.T. Ruiter and N.F. van Hulst
PDF (268KB)
High-Resolution Imaging of Human Chromosomes Using Atomic Force Microscope
Ching-Ling Teng, Wunshain Fann and Jye-Siung Fang
PDF (276KB)
The Visualization System for Cross Sectional Images
Pei-Wen Liu, Lih-Shyang Chen, Su-Chou Chen and Jong-Ping Chen
PDF (543KB)
Three-dimensional Analysis of Permeability Pathways across Capillary Endothelia
Shih-Chieh Chen, Huang-Liang Wei and Roger C. Wagner
PDF (329KB)
Connecting Genomic Architecture and DNA Replication in Three Dimensions
Ronald Berezney, Hong Ma, Chunglinfj Meng, Jagath Samarabandu and Ping-chin Cheng
PDF (818KB)
Architectural and Molecular Studies of Nuclear Matrix Proteins
Michael J. Mortillaro, Jagath Samarabandu, Linda Buchholtz, Ping-Ching Cheng and Ronald Berezney
PDF (299KB)
Application of Laser Optics to Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
K. Fukui, A. Nomiya, M. Nishiguchi and M. Fujishita
PDF (594KB)
Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy for Studying Signal Transduction in Mast Cells and Basophils
Mamoru Nakanishi, Tadahide Furuno and Reiko Teshima
PDF (515KB)
Simultaneous Reflection and Transmission Modes Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope
Pei-Kuen Wei, Po-Jou Chen and Wunshain Fann
PDF (448KB)
Differential Confocal Microscopy for Imaging Surface Microstructures
Jyhpyng Wang, Chau-Hwang Lee, Chun-Hung Lu and Kung-Li Deng
PDF (557KB)
On-line Attenuation Compensation in Confocal Microscopy
Wen-Shan Liou, Shan-Jen Pan and Ping-Chin Cheng
PDF (310KB)
Segmentation and Analysis Algorithms for Processing Multi-dimensional Images of DNA Replication Patterns in the Mammalian Cell Nucleus
J. Samarabandu, H. Ma, P. C. Cheng and R. Berezney
PDF (562KB)
Autofluorescence Imaging of Symbiotic Algae in Corals Using Confocal Microscopy - A Potential Tool for Environmental Monitoring
Anya Salih, Guy Cox and Rosalind Hinde
PDF (1.27MB)
Two-color Confocal Fluorescence Microsocpy with Improved Channel Separation; Applications to Neuroscience
Kjell Carlsson and Brun Ulfhake
PDF (506KB)
A Study of the Dynamics of Solid Surfaces and Manipulation of Atoms
Tien T. Tsong
PDF (375KB)
Images of a Membrane-bound Detoxification Enzyme at 4 A Resolution Obtained by Electron Cryomicroscopy
Hans Hebert, Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey and Ralf Morgenstern
PDF (663KB)
The Use of Nano-scatterer for Near-field Scanning Microscopy
S. Kawata
PDF (381KB)
Theory and Applications of Confocal Theta Microscopy
Ernst H. K. Stelzer, Christoph Cremer and Steffen Lindek
PDF (553KB)
Resolution beyond the Diffraction Limit: 4Pi-confocal, STED, and GSD
Stefan W. Hell, Pekka E. Hanninen, Martin Schrader, Tony Wilson and Erkki Soini
PDF (264KB)
Conjugated Polymers Studies by Near Field Optical Microscope
W. S. Fann, P. K. Wei, B. R. Hsieh, K. R. Chuang, C. I. Chao and S. A. Chen3
PDF (553KB)
The DNA Uptake Mechanism of Transfection Mediated by Cationic Liposomes
Sek-Wen Hui and Ya-Li Zhao
PDF (392KB)
Axial Resolution in Confocal Imaging under Ultrashort Pulsed Beam Illumination
Min Gu, Tannous and C.J.R. Sheppard
PDF (366KB)
Advancements and Applications of Low Temperature Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy
William P. Wergin , Robert W. Yaklich and Eric F. Erbe
PDF (338KB)
Simple Formulae for Confocal Resolution Parameters: The Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM), the Ellipsoidal Observation Volume (OBSVOL) and the Root Mean Square Spatial Frequency (RMSF)
Kieran G. Larkin
PDF (478KB)
Appropriate Image Processing for Confocal Microscopy
Guy Cox and Colin J.R. Sheppard
PDF (494KB)
Investigating Large Microscopic Volumes of Lung by Computer-guided 3-D Image Compositing in Confocal Microscopy
Andres Kriete
PDF (206KB)
3-D Simulation of Form and Function of Lung
A. Kriete, T. Schwebel, H.-A. Duncker and M. Marko
PDF (216KB)
Optical Fibre Probe Microscopy
C.J.R. Sheppard and H. Fatemi
PDF (316KB)
Surface Profiling and Confocal Microscopy
C.J.R. Sheppard and J.C. Quartel
PDF (344KB)
3-D Transfer Function Description for 4Pi Confocal Microscopy
Min Gu and C.J.R. Sheppard
PDF (381KB)
Fluorescence Lifetime imaging in Bilateral Confocal Microscopy by Double Pulse Excitation
G.J. Brakenhoff, M. Müller, R.I. Ghauharali and K. Visscher
PDF (286KB)
Measurement of Femtosecond Pulses in the Focal Point of a High NA Lens Using Two-photon Absorption
M. M
üller , J. Squier and G.J. Brakenhoff
PDF (313KB)
X-ray Fluorescence Two-dimensional Microanalysis at the VEPP-3 Storage Ring: Aplications in Environmental Science
I.P. Dolbnya and K.V. Zolotarev
PDF (295KB)
X-ray SR-based Microtomographic Investigation of Microporous Granulated Mercury Catalysts
I.P. Dolbnya and Yu Tanyshev
PDF (86.8KB)
The SRRC Taiwan Light Source and Scientific Research Programs
Yuen-Chung Liu
PDF (76.8KB)
Applications of the Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy in the Study of the Centrosomal Proteins
Tang K. Tang and Chieh-Ju C. Tang
PDF (224KB)
3-D Unbiased Stereological Measurements Using Conventional Light Microscopy, Applied to the Study of Human Intra-uterine Growth Retardation
C.V. Howard, D. van Velzen, P. Sibbons, T. Ansari, Y. Li and N. Pahal
PDF (293KB)
Photobleaching Kinetics of Fluorescein in Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy
Loling Song, I. Ted Young and Hans J. Tanke
PDF (528KB)
Recent Developments in Non-linear Laser Microscopy Illuminated by Two Photon Excitation
Watt W. Webb
PDF (235KB)
Contrast, Resolution, Bleaching and Statistics in Confocal Microscopy
James B. Pawley
PDF (369KB)
Three-Dimensional Structure of Calcium Release Channel from Skeletal Muscle by Electron Cryomicroscopy and Angular Reconstitution
Irina Serysheva, Elena V. Orlova, Wah Chiu, Michael B. Sherman, Susan L. Hamilton and Marin van Heel
PDF (377KB)
The Wigner Distribution Function, and the Special Affine Fourier Transform: Signal Processing and Optical Imaging
S. Abe and J. T. Sheridan
PDF (237KB)
Sensitive Low Frequency Optomechanical Sensor
C. Th. Coutsomitros, M. Whelan and J. T. Sheridan
PDF (258KB)
Membrane Specializations in Skeletal Muscle Cells
H. Benjamin Peng, A. Afshan AIi, David F. Daggett and Lauren P. Baker
PDF (395KB)
Application of Rigorous Numerical Techniques to the Calculation of Images in Scanning Optical Microscopy
J. F. Aguilar and E. R. Méndez
PDF (302KB)
Cryo-electron Microscopy, Antibody Labeling, and Image Analysis Reveals Macromolecular Interactions in Enveloped Alphaviruses
R. Holland Cheng, Norman H. Olson, Timothy S. Baker, Richard J. Kuhn and Thomas J. Smith
PDF (279KB)
Applications of Electron Microscopy to Materials and Earth Sciences Dislocations, Shape and Orientation Changes and Interdiffusion
Pouyan Shen
PDF (236KB)
Differentiation-associated Modifications of Ultrastructures in Human Cervical Carcinoma SIHA Cells
Hwan-Wun Liu , Yung-Fu Yang, SU-Ping Teng, Yaw-Wen Guo and Chung-Faye Chao
PDF (295KB)
Polarisation Contrast in Scanning Microscopy
T. Wilson, R. Juškaitis, S. Shatalin and J.B. Tan
PDF (167KB)
3D X-ray Microscopy: High-resolution Stereo-imaging with the Göttingen X-ray Microscope at BESSY
Johannes Lehr
PDF (313KB)
Energy Filtering and Exit Surface Wavefront Reconstruction of Thick Biological Specimens - Technical Development for Three Dimensional Electron Microscope Tomography
Karen F. Han, John W. Sedat and David A. Agard
In Situ Localization of Plant Viral Genes and Gene Products in Infected Cells
Na-Sheng Lin, Gunn-Guang Liou, Chin-Chieh Chen and Ban-Yane Chang
PDF (364KB)
Asymmetric Cell Division and Cell Determination in Plant Development
Bai-Ling Lin
PDF (219KB)
Powerful Tools for 3D Microscopy Image Analysis, Processing and Visualization Based on 20 and 3D Fourier Transforms
Carol J. Cogswell, Kieran G. Larkin and Matthew R. Arnison
PDF (241KB)
Transport Pathways of Lipoproteins across the Arterial Endothelial Cells
Cheng-Heng Kao, Jan-Kan Chen, Jong-Shung Kuo and Vie Cheng
PDF (399KB)
Morphological Changes of Rat hipposampal Neurons after Noradrenergic Depletion
Hwa-Min Hwang, Vi-Pin Lee, Pei-Li Ho, Shu-Chen Weng and Hsin-I Kao
PDF (933KB)
The Video-enhanced Light Microscope: A Renaissance Tool for Quantitative Live-cell Microscopy
Charles E. Bracker
PDF (439KB)
Distribution of Taste Pores and Ultrastructural Organization of Gustatory Cells in Gerbil Vallate Taste Buds
Kuo-Shyan Lu, Ming-Huei Chen and Ko-Kaung Liao
PDF (462KB)
Feldkamp-type Cone-beam Reconstruction: Revisited
Ge Wang and Ping-Chin Cheng
PDF (457KB)
Cytoskeletal and Nuclear Behavior During Female Gametophyte Development and Fertilization in Angiosperms
Bing-Quan Huang, William F. Sheridan and Scott D. Russell
PDF (408KB)
Fast Confocal Beam Scanning Laser Fluorescence Microscope for Singlephoton and Two-photon Excitation
Ernst H.K. Stelzer, Nicholas J. Salmon and Clemens Storz
PDF (227KB)
Calculation and Measurement of the Axial Forces Exerted by Photonic Tweezers
Arne Rosin, Thorsten Wohland and Ernst H.K. Stelzer
PDF (421KB)
TEM Study of Carbon Nanotubes
Sumio Iijima
PDF (524KB)
Selective Imaging of Multiple Probes Using Fluorescence Lifetime Contrast
R. Sanders, A. Draaijer, H.C. Gerritsen and Y.K. Levine
PDF (248KB)
The Cubic Gyroid-based Membrane Structure of the Chloroplast in Zygnema (Chlorophyceae zygnematles)
Yuru Deng and Tomas Landh
PDF (660KB)
A Versatile 2π: Tilting Device for Conventional Light - and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
J. Bradl, B. Schneider, B. Rinke, E. H. K. Stelzer, M. Durm, M. Hausmann and C. Cremer
PDF (264KB)
The Optical Fractionator
Susana Maria Guimarães Antunes
PDF (596KB)
Simultaneous Blur and Image Restoration in 3-D Optical Microscopy
Gopal B. Avinash
PDF (286KB)
Confocal Microscopy with Electronic Pinholes
P. A. Benedetti, V. Evangelista, D. Guidarini and S. Vestri
PDF (450KB)
Multi-colour Confocal Microscopy by Means of Intensity-Modulated Multiple-beam Scanning (IMS)
Erik M.M. Manders, Ardan Patwardhan, Anders Lijeborc and Kjell Carlsson
PDF (261KB)
A Sensitive Method for Measurements of Luminescence in Single Cells
Martin Kohler, Svante Norgren, Bertil B. Fredholm, Olaf Larsson, Holger Luthman and Per-Olaf Berggren
PDF (533KB)
Analysis and Utility of Chromosome Information 75. Semi-automatic Image Analysis for Small Plant Chromosomes
S. Nakayama, P. Wankling, E. Takagawa, T. Koga and K. Fukui
PDF (274KB)
Design and Development of Soft X-ray Imaging System at Taiwan Light Source
G.J. Jan, K.T. HSU, K.T. Pan, C.S. Chen and P.K. Tseng
PDF (258KB)
Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Histological Sections from the Region of the Porta Hepats of a 11 Week Human Foetus
Vijayalaxmy Vijayan and Carolyn E. L. Tan
PDF (371KB)
Soft X-ray Microscopy Project at NSRL
Xingshu Xie, Chengzhi Jia, Yongfei Zhao, Lei Shang, Jiangyang Zhang, Xiangtung Xu and Xhiping Jiang
PDF (223KB)
Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy Imaging of Individual threading Dislocations on Relaxed GexSi1-x Films
J.W.P. Hsu, E.A. Fitzgerald, Y.H. Xie and P.J. Silverman
PDF (428KB)
Biological Application of a Projection X-ray Microscope
T. Horikosh, P, H. Chiba, K. Takahashi, W. Hiraoka, T. Mitsu and K. Yada
PDF (310KB)
Constructions and Applications of a Simple Optical Tweezers
Y.C. Jong, H.M. Chen, J.H. Hsu and W.S. Fann
PDF (286KB)
Electron Microscopy Imaging and "3D" Reconstruction of Crystal Surfaces [1]
Tung Hsu
PDF (165KB)
Hydathodes in Ficus Formosana Maxim Form Himadai Hay
Chyi-Chaunn Chen and Yung-Reui Chen
PDF (211KB)
Applications of X-ray Microscopy with Hydrated Specimens in Biomedical Research
H. Spring, P. Guttmann, D. Rudolph, G. Schneider, G. Schmahl and M.F. Trendelenburg
PDF (524KB)
Imaging X-Ray Microscope with Zone Plates and Its Application to Biological Specimens at UVSOR
N. Watanabe, S. Aoki, Y. Shimanuki, K. Kawasak, M. Taniguch, E. Anderson , D. Attwood, D. Kern, S. Shimizu, H. Nagata, Y. Horikawa, S. Mochimaru and H. Kihara
PDF (438KB)
The Ultrastructural Examination of Spray-dried Microalgal Cells with Low Vacuum Scanning Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis
Liang P. Lin and Ching B. Liu
PDF (242KB)
Development of a Zone Plate Soft X-ray Microscope at the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring
J.-D. Wang, Y. Kagoshima, T. Miyahara, M. Ando, S. Aokj, E. Anderson, D. Attwood and D. Kern
PDF (554KB)
A Compact Multi-channel Laser Scanning Confocal Optical Microscope
Guoqing Xiao and Horst Groneberg
PDF (333KB)
Spatial Filtering in Microscopy: The Use of Matched Filters to See Further in Time and Space
J. Rudi Strickler, Dana Ono and John Reimer
PDF (220KB)
A Novel Idea in Confocal Scanning Microscopy
Zhihua Ding, Guiying Wang, Zhifeng Fan and Zhijiang Wang
PDF (124KB)
Possible Effects of Fluorescence Bleaching/Saturation on the Definition of the Paper Surface in CLSM Measurements
Odd Løvhaugen
PDF (215KB)
Get Nano-information by Nano-pinhole in X-ray Holography
Zhihua Ding, CUiying Wang, Zhifeng Fan and Zhijiang Wang
PDF (241KB)
Migratory History Recorded in Otoliths of the Japanese Eel, Anguilla Japonica, Elvers as Revealed from SEM and WDS Analyses
Wann-Nian Tzeng
PDF (574KB)
Visualization of Cell Adhesion Molecules on Cardiovascular Cells by Confocal Microscopy
P. Pietsch, M. Braun, S.B. Felix and G. Baumann
PDF (297KB)
Mitochondria-rich Cells in Gills of the Euryhaline Teleost, Oreochromis Mossambicus
Tsung-Han Lee, Hui-Chen Lin, Ming-Jiunn Yu, Fore-Lien Huang and Pung-Pung Hwang
PDF (576KB)
Structure Defining Functions of Cell Membrane Morphologies with Cubic Symmetry
Tomas Landh
PDF (816KB)
Using Search Algorithms for Automating Alignment of Radiographs for Subtraction Radiography
Chandima Edirisinghe, Jagath Samarabandu, Kristin MAllen, Ernest Hausmann and Raj Acharya
PDF (390KB)
The Microscopist Facing Uncertainty
Sterling P. Newberry
PDF (279KB)
Can X-ray Photometry Be Applied to 3-D images?
Sterling P. Newberry
PDF (254KB)
What Happened to Marton's Dream of a Field Emission X-ray Microscope?
Sterling P. Newberry
PDF (228KB)
NORAN Odyssey XL/Super Video Rate Confocal System
Bruce E. Batten
PDF (221KB)

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