2020-12-29: Adaptation of Landlocked Atyid Shrimp Larvae

2020-12-29: Bird Diversirty and Endemism in a Mexican Elevational Gradient

2020-12-29: Illumination Extend the Survival Time of The Sea Slug Retaining Chloroplasts Under Starvation

2020-12-29: Vertebrate Scavengers Control Agents of Diarrheal Diseases

2020-12-29: A New Species of Coral-eating Nudibranch (Gastropoda: Trinchesiidae) of the Scleractinian Coral Goniopora

2020-12-29: Can Metacarpals and Phalanges Reflect Habitat Use and Foraging Mode in New World Bats?

2020-12-29: Two New Species of Brackish Crab Genus Ptychognathus From Taiwan

2020-12-29: Ontogenetic Development Related to Parental Care of an Armored Catfish

2020-12-29: Molecular Approach to Identifying Three Closely Related Slug Species of the Genus Deroceras (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Agriolimacidae)

2020-12-29: Ovarian Differentiation and Aberrant Müllerian Duct Development in Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle

2020-12-29: Multiple Paternity of Shortfin Mako Shark

2020-12-29: A New Species of Predatory Nudibranch (Gastropoda: Trinchesiidae) of the Coral Pavona decussata

2020-12-29: New Scale Worm Polychaete from Mississippi Sound, Gulf of Mexico

2020-07-30: What is the Crab Sesarmops impressus?

2020-07-30: Chronology of Gonadal Development in the Tropical Species of Freshwater Turtle

2020-07-30: A Unique New Crab Genus Described from China

2020-07-30: Austruca citrus, the 107th Species of Fiddler Crabs of the World!

2020-07-30: The Discovery of Two New Tardigrade Species from the Family Macrobiotidae

2020-07-30: Iranian Ichthyofauna Diversity

2020-07-30: Latitudinal Difference in the Species Richness of Photosymbiotic Ascidians

2020-07-30: Tanzania's Udzungwa Mts. Hide New Tardigrade Species

2020-07-30: Estimations of Riverine Distribution, Abundance, and Biomass of Anguillid Eels in Japan and Taiwan Using Environmental DNA Analysis

2020-07-30: New Records of Sand Crabs from the Western Pacific with Description of Two New Species of Paralbunea

2020-07-30: A New Species of Tiny Ostracod (Crustacea) from Western Japan

2020-07-30: Roosting Site Usage and Gregarious Roosting in Two Lycaenidae Butterflies

2020-04-28: Blue Sheep Resource Selection Estimation with Respect to Pastoralism Using Point Process Model

2020-04-28: The Westward Journey of Neoclinus Tube Blennies

2020-04-28: Sexual Form Alternation Occurs in Female Red Swamp Crayfish

2020-03-26: Introduced Zacco platypus mate with native Opsariichthys evolans

2020-03-26: The Highest Chromosome Number on A Velvet Worm (Onychophora)

2020-03-26: Convergence of Echolocation in the Common Shrew

2020-03-26: Powerlines Enhance Insect Diversity

2020-01-30: Zoological Studies is listed in PubMed

2020-01-02: The Importance of Sea Turtle Stranding and Bycatch Study in Taiwan

2020-01-02: A New Species of Snake Eel from Viet Nam

2020-01-02: The Correlation with Adult Partner Preference and Mating Behaviors and Changes in ERβ/ERα Ratio in Different Brain Regions

2020-01-02: New Cetacean Migration Routes Based on Fossil Whale Barnacles

2020-01-02: A Common Croaker Species, but be Ignored for Years

2020-01-02: Regenerative Capacity of the Upside-down Jellyfish

2020-01-02: A Case Study with Description of Milnesium pseudotardigradum sp. nov. (Tardigrada)

2020-01-02: Habitat Partitioning and its Possible Genetic Background Between Two Sympatrically Distributed Eel Species

2020-01-02: Molecular Sexing of South and South-east Asian Mammals


2019-09-19: Global Warming may Expand the Northern Distribution Limit of Land Hermit Crabs

2019-09-19: Rotifer species in Shantou, China

2019-09-19: Two Species of Fireworms (Annelida: Amphinomidae: Chloeia) from Hong Kong

2019-09-19: New Species of Phymaturus Endemic from the Sierra de Fiambala, Argentina

2019-09-18: Seasonal Thermoregulation in Small Birds

2019-09-18: Norileca indica – Host Specific and Seasonwise Infection by this Cymothoid Isopod on the Mackerel Fish,  Rastrelliger kanagurta along the Malabar Coast, India

2019-08-27: The Smallest Nesting Green Turtle

2019-08-27: Nest Concealment and Nest Defence by Two Passerines

2019-08-27: Delimit Tigertooth Croakers and Describe a New Species from the Western Arabian Gulf Using Integrative Approach

2019-08-27: Phyllostomid Bats in Traditional Agriculture and Neotropical Montane Forests

2019-06-11: A new fissiparous brittle star from Korea

2019-06-11: The Silver Pomfret from Northern Indian Ocean is not Pampus argenteus

2019-06-11: Copepod’s Weird Eggs

2019-02-27: Effect of Kleptoparasitic Ants on the Foraging Behavior of Social Spider Stegodyphus sarasinorum

2019-02-27: Barn Swallow Nest Predation by a Recent Urban Invader, the Taiwan Whistling Thrush

2019-02-15: New layout design in Zoological Studies starting from 2019


2018-12-21: Review of the Harvestman Genus Metadentobunus

2018-12-11: Accumulations of Fossils of the Whale Barnacle Coronula bifida Bronn, 1831 (Thoracica: Coronulidae) Provides Evidence of a Late Pliocene Cetacean Migration Route through the Straits of Taiwan

2018-12-11: Comprehensive analysis of jellyfish Chrysaora pacifica with complete rDNA Sequence

2018-11-27: Do the shuffle and save yourself? It may not be easy for some corals

2018-11-27: Long term stranding record of sea turtle

2018-11-27: A new species in the Marphysa sanguinea complex from Hong Kong waters

2018-11-06: Crab species among precious red corals

2018-11-06: Diversity and Distribution of Peritrich Ciliates on the Snail Physa acuta Draparnaud, 1805 (Gastropoda: Physidae) in a Eutrophic Lotic System

2018-10-01: New species of Taiwanese Leucothoidae from Penghu, Green Island, and Dongsha Atoll

2018-09-26: Impact of reproductive pattern of tabular coral Acropora hyacinthus

2018-03-14: New survey assesses global impact of invasive catfish

2018-03-08: Cetacean articles in recent issues of Zoological studies

2018-01-22: Humpback dolphins in South China Sea gulf synchronized with seasonal and tidal, suggesting conservation solutions

2018-01-22: Zoological Studies increases its impact factor, offers accessibility to authors and readers

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